AstroLoco: Week of June 24, 2012

If the relationships, friendships, and partnerships in your life have been the source of your frustrations, things are going to get easier this week… IF you make the effort to assess and adapt!

Saturn (structure) has been retrograde in the sign of Libra (other people) since February. Venus (pleasure) has been retrograde in the sign of Gemini (communication) since May. Retrogrades are times during which planetary energy is directed inward instead of outward, in order for us to reflect and reevaluate specific aspects of our lives, as governed by said retrograde planet. With these two planets retrograde, we may have experienced situations that shed light on our relationships.

This week, Saturn and Venus will go direct. After spending the past couple months thinking things through, now is the time to apply those thoughts to our relationships. We must decide what to keep and what to let go, what to tolerate and what to toss. Use every lesson learned as a stepping stone to the next level of consciousness. Now’s the time to transform yourself! Don’t be afraid of change 🙂

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