dream diary [neptune in pisces]

You know the feeling of relief that washes over you when you awaken from a bad dream? It’s like restarting the game after Pac-Man gets eaten by Pinky, or being swallowed alive by a toothless shark with a slight case of bulimia and a guilty conscience. It’s an indescribably beautiful feeling that would probably make billions of dollars if bottled and sold over the counter. Regardless of the relief, the dream was still dreamt and it was dreamt for a reason. So, what does it all mean?

For the past three days, I have been waking up in the morning (okay, afternoon… tomato, tomato) from such vivid dreams. As stressful as these dreams were, I am reluctant to label them nightmares or even bad dreams, because I don’t honestly believe them to be so. The scenarios presented challenging circumstances to which I had very strong, unpleasant reactions. Instead of dismissing them as bad, I want to understand the deeper meaning of these hauntingly evocative dreams.

Earlier this year, February to be exact, Neptune entered Pisces for a 14-year long transit. Neptune was the god of the sea in ancient mythology. In astrology, Neptune rules dreams, fantasies, and illusions. Anything deceptive or obscure falls under the domain of Neptune. At the same (damn) time, Neptune represents intuition – psychic messages we receive from higher, spiritual realms. Neptune is the collective unconscious. Like a sponge, malleable Neptune absorbs and changes shape depending on which sign it happens to be in. Since Neptune is the ruling planet of watery Pisces, they share the same mystical, otherworldly, boundary-dissolving qualities. Basically, this Pisces placement amplifies Neptune’s air of clairvoyance to the highest degree.


Maybe the purpose of this lengthy Neptune in Pisces transit is to slowly reawaken, embrace, and hone our sixth sense. After living in a left-brained, patriarchal society for as long as we have, it is about time we reconnect with abstract, as chaotic as it can be. After all, it would be ignorant and even naïve for us to assume that reality is as limited as we are led to believe. Just because it cannot be explained by science or logic does not automatically invalidate it, whatever “it” is.

At this point, I am not entirely sure why I have been having such intense dreams or how long it will last. All I know is the way they made me feel and that someone somewhere is trying to tell me something. Maybe that someone is my higher self, reconnecting with me from a different dimension, stirring me out of my slumber. Maybe it’s God. Either way, I have decided to keep a dream diary. There is something deeper, something more meaningful underneath it all, and I want to know. I want to stay conscious of what’s going on with me, even in my sleep.

I would love to hear your dream stories, so please feel free to share them with me, whether “good”, “bad”, or nonexistent. Do you keep a dream diary, or do you forget your dreams as soon as you wake up? Let’s keep each other updated as we progress along, journaling our dreamy journeys. Oh, and if they ever decide to bottle and sell that Nightmare-Awakening Relief, let me know. I want a hefty percentage of the profits.

mars [aquarius]


(December 25, 2012 – February 1, 2013)

Mars is the god of war and combat. When Mars is in Aquarius, however, It’s less like fighting, and more like stating facts. Keep an open mind, but don’t be afraid to go against the group if your intuition tells you so. Do beware of the impulse to rebel for rebellion’s sake. You can avoid unnecessarily violent change if you remember to think before you act.

When it comes to sex (another Mars keyword), you must stimulate the brain if you want to be taken away on a sexual abduction into outer space. Futuristic Aquarius doesn’t like routine, so be prepared to be experiment. If there is no mental rapport, you might as well wait until the next Mars transit.

i haven’t brushed my teeth in a week [dangers of fluoride]

Fluoride is good for you. It is so good, in fact, that you can find it in your toothpaste, drinking water, and even the cigarettes that some of you will smoke after you finish reading this. Promoted as an agent in the prevention of tooth decay, our consumption of fluoride goes virtually unquestioned by the general population. As US Americans, it is surprisingly difficult to escape the long arm of fluoridation in our nation. Other countries, however, such as China and Germany, have banned it. For a compound held in such high health esteem, it is puzzling to think of fluoride as a detrimental substance.

What you probably didn’t know is that fluoride is one of the most toxic substances one could ingest. It is actually more poisonous than lead, and just a little better than arsenic. The human body only excretes approximately 55% of fluoride, leaving an accumulation of the compound in the body. This accumulation calcifies the pineal gland, destroys the male reproductive system, and damages bones, among other diseases. Oddly enough, recent studies do not show water fluoridation to significantly reduce tooth decay.

With that in mind, one would begin to wonder why there was such a switch. After all, before the 1940s, fluoride was regarded as a pollutant. Now it is, quite literally, shoved down our throats. In an effort not to learn the hard way, it would be valuable to eliminate your intake of fluoride. It seems tedious, but we can take baby steps. One of the easiest ways to start is by using natural, organic toothpaste.

Making or buying organic toothpaste is just one way to reduce your consumption of this dangerous compound. With the abundance of fluoride in our everyday lives, we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. Regardless, you don’t have to move a mountain to make a change. All you have to do is give it a little push in the right direction.

For more information on the dangers of fluoride, check out the following links:


a time for change [winter 2012]

I was biting into a piece of dry (ass) turkey meat on the afternoon of Thanksgiving 2012, when I decided it was time for me to become a vegetarian. This mid-bite revelation did not stop me from finishing my plate, but I am proud to say it was my one and only plate that day, which is quite unbelievable for a “growing boy” (of 22) such as myself on a “holiday” (ritual) that smugly challenges Americans to gain at least ten pounds before the following Monday. I also ate a slice of pepperoni pizza from Sbarro early the next morning while waiting for my family to finish Black Friday shopping. I am (only?) human.

This wasn’t the first instance I felt the vegetarian urge, so I wanted it to legitimize this time. I wanted to walk the walk. I decided to adopt a meat-free lifestyle for at least a month. What I would do after the thirty days was a mystery to me, but I put that thought on the backburner, and went for it.

Thirty days later, after much temptation (it should be illegal to have such intense NYC halal cart lamb and rice cravings), I reached my goal. I was a vegetarian for a solid month. I felt so good saying that, and it still feels good.

A few days later, I trekked home for winter break and let myself be corrupted by more “holidays”, a barrage of them in fact. First, I ate seafood (sushi, fried fish, shrimp). I tried not to guilt trip myself. “I’ll just be a pescatarian. That’s still cool,” I thought to myself as I downed several helpings the ocean’s “coolest” aquatic casualties. It was all good until I got a little too drunk at a Christmas Eve party and went for the cold chicken. Yes, the cold chicken. The other, other white meat.

Vomit. It happened.

Although my first response was to beat myself up for slipping up and breaking my stride, I realized that I have a long life to live, and each moment brings a new opportunity to stand back up and continue on my journey. We are currently in Capricorn Season. Capricorn is the sea goat that starts off at the bottom of the mountain and slowly climbs to the top. Capricorn is one of the most ambitious, determined signs, but that’s not say to say it doesn’t sometimes stumble on the way up. Instead of tearing myself down with negative self-talk (I was too hungover to form complex thoughts), I decided to rise, once again, to the challenge of vegetarianism.

Mars is in Aquarius as of Christmas Day. Mars represents desire and, subsequently, physical action. Aquarius, the water bearer, is the sign of revolutionary change and higher consciousness. The combination of Mars + Aquarius elicits a divinely progressive, conscious energy. We actively pursue [Mars] anything that will awaken us to a state of true liberation [Aquarius]. I can feel this lately, as I have seen so many people on the brink of life-altering realizations. All over Facebook, Twitter, and in even real life exchanges (they do exist), people are feeling the need to change their eating habits. Whether it’s vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or pesca-lamb-atarian (guess who invented that one), people are ready for change because they are now aware of what they are consuming and how it makes them feel.

In the fixed air sign of Aquarius, Mars has great mental willpower, which is perfect when it comes to fighting for ideals and causes. Aquarius is rebellious, however, and can be quite sudden and shocking with its unexpected shifts in direction. It could go either way.

With Mercury [mind] and Venus [values] in Sagittarius [expansion] right now, we are down to go the distance. Realistically speaking, Sagittarius [the centaur] is half-man/half-horse, so don’t be surprised if your initial moralistic enthusiasm turns into hypocrisy, as you give into your inner animal and fail to practice what you preach. Basically, Sagittarius promises big, but doesn’t always deliver. Fortunately, Sagittarius is optimistic and has great faith in the possibilities of tomorrow. Once Mercury and Venus join the Sun in the disciplined, persevering sign of Capricorn, it will be easier for us to stick with our goals.

Whether you want to change your diet, stop poisoning yourself with alcohol, or find the strength to kick your addiction to internet pornography (hey, it’s free), it helps to know what kind of planetary energy you’re working with. As they say… as above, so below. When the stars are beefing (pardon pun), so are we. If you give in, it’s not the end of the world. Refocus and keep going! In the words of a famous Capricornian crooner, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.”

celebrity lunatics [full moon in cancer]

The moon is (technically) past full at this point, but it is still in Cancer! The sun is in Cancer’s polar opposite, Capricorn (Happy Capricorn Season). That means we are currently experiencing an opposition between the sun (conscious ego expression) and the moon (subconscious emotional needs), AKA a full moon. It’s like we are being pulled in two directions at once, which can be extremely frustrating. Fortunately for most of us, full moons are relatively quick transits. In some instances, though, what is born on a full moon can be everlasting, especially if the product is a baby…

Babies born on (as well as right before/after) full moons are dynamic children. There is something tangibly special about them. Symbolically, they experience their parents (sun = father, moon = mother) as completely opposite entities, which accounts for their explosive personalities. The way in which these babies express their individuality (sun) is in direct conflict with where they come from and what makes them feel secure (moon). The passing illumination, frustration, and apparent “lunacy” we experience on full moons is a permanent part of who they are. If full moon babies seem complex, confusing, and compelling, it’s because… they are!

Below are some famous Cancer Full Moon babies, who possess the prestigious public appeal of Capricorn and the familiar sensitivity and fertile imagination of Cancer. The combination of the zodiac’s family-oriented, security-minded signs endows these people with the gift of producing quality work (Capricorn) that makes us feel right at home (Cancer).

Mary Tyler Moore (Emmy/Golden Globe Winning Actress)

Janis Joplin (Queen of Rock and Roll)

LL Cool J (Grammy Award Winning Rapper, Actor)

Mary J. Blige (Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Actress)

Blue Ivy Carter (daughter of entertainment megastars Beyonce and Jay-Z)

Kate Middleton (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge)

Basically, they know what the people want and consistently give it. No wonder we love them!

the mother in you wants to give birth [full moon in cancer]

photocred: Mercury.Love]

The Full Moon in Cancer… Isn’t she beautiful?

Nurturing Cancer is regarded as the mother of the zodiac. Cancer is ruled by the moon, so they share the same energy. The moon is a luminary body that reflects light. Lunar cycles align with the menstrual cycles of women. For those reasons, the moon is considered feminine and receptive, and… “motherly”.

Honoring the Mother archetype (and your feminine side, male or female), take a moment to reflect on something that you’ve been keeping inside. Something that you’ve been holding on to for a while. Something that needs to be expressed.

Imagine what it would feel like to release. To give BIRTH. To water, warm, and foster growth in a planted seed that will soon sprout upward and outward into the wide, wide world. All you have to do is bring it to life!

For more Full Moon illumination, watch my latest AstroLoco video.

full moon [cancer]


(December 28th, 2012)

This Full Moon will illuminate:
Family, home, security

Ask yourself:
Are you holding on to irrational fear, debilitating emotions, unresolved issues from family/childhood that are stopping you from reaching your highest potential?

Find a way to:
Let your feelings guide your career in the right direction