celebrity lunatics [full moon in cancer]

The moon is (technically) past full at this point, but it is still in Cancer! The sun is in Cancer’s polar opposite, Capricorn (Happy Capricorn Season). That means we are currently experiencing an opposition between the sun (conscious ego expression) and the moon (subconscious emotional needs), AKA a full moon. It’s like we are being pulled in two directions at once, which can be extremely frustrating. Fortunately for most of us, full moons are relatively quick transits. In some instances, though, what is born on a full moon can be everlasting, especially if the product is a baby…

Babies born on (as well as right before/after) full moons are dynamic children. There is something tangibly special about them. Symbolically, they experience their parents (sun = father, moon = mother) as completely opposite entities, which accounts for their explosive personalities. The way in which these babies express their individuality (sun) is in direct conflict with where they come from and what makes them feel secure (moon). The passing illumination, frustration, and apparent “lunacy” we experience on full moons is a permanent part of who they are. If full moon babies seem complex, confusing, and compelling, it’s because… they are!

Below are some famous Cancer Full Moon babies, who possess the prestigious public appeal of Capricorn and the familiar sensitivity and fertile imagination of Cancer. The combination of the zodiac’s family-oriented, security-minded signs endows these people with the gift of producing quality work (Capricorn) that makes us feel right at home (Cancer).

Mary Tyler Moore (Emmy/Golden Globe Winning Actress)

Janis Joplin (Queen of Rock and Roll)

LL Cool J (Grammy Award Winning Rapper, Actor)

Mary J. Blige (Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Actress)

Blue Ivy Carter (daughter of entertainment megastars Beyonce and Jay-Z)

Kate Middleton (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge)

Basically, they know what the people want and consistently give it. No wonder we love them!

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