back to school [jupiter retrograde]

“You will go back to school.”

That is what the psychic told me last year [right around the time dreamy Neptune dove into the intuitive pool of Pisces]. It was the beginning of my Spring 2012 semester of college, either February or March, and I had just been seduced into an impromptu Lower East Side palm reading. It was my first time and I was conflicted. While some of her insights were debatable, nothing she said was flat-out false. Initially, I dismissed her school prediction. Sure, I had a “situation” the prior semester, but we were able to pay and register. Maybe she was on to something, though, because I’ve had two more of those “situations” since the reading.

Like right now. I’m somewhere in the midst of my six-week winter vacation. The chances of me returning to school for the Spring 2013 semester are slim. We just don’t have the money to pay last semester’s balance, and I can’t register for any new classes until it’s paid. I’ve been trying to find private loans, but I don’t meet the qualifications. If I don’t find a way to pay at least a fraction of my balance in the next week, I will be taking the semester off to live back at home, work, and pay my own tuition for the first time.

I only have one more semester of college to complete to reach Destination: Graduation, so (naturally) I would prefer to go back and get my degree in May. It would just make more sense to get it out of the way. Plus, I’ve gotten so used to city life, the prospect of living back at home full-time is unsettling. It’s like I have to relearn everything I used to know, but in a new era. What makes it worse is that I’m not even coming home with my degree. The last thing I want to do is waste three and a half years worth of time and money by not going back. As we all know, most people who take breaks from school never return.

But some people DO go back to school!

Like my mother, who is now enrolled as a part-time student at the local community college. She got her ID and class schedule yesterday. She briefly attended this same school over 20 years ago, before I was born. The excitement I felt for my mom helped ease the frustration I’ve been feeling toward my own educational experience. Her triumph has indirectly helped me to see the big picture.

Jupiter is big picture. Jupiter [in Gemini] is retrograde [until January 30th], which means it appears to be moving backward in the sky. This is not actually happening, but is instead an optical illusion. Retrogrades are symbolic periods of revisitation, in which we review, redo, and reflect on unfinished business from the past. Planetary energy is temporarily redirected inward, disrupting the external world as we know it. When expansive Jupiter is retrograde, sometimes even the best laid plans fail to launch. Doors that were wide open seem to close right in our faces, prompting us to look inside ourselves for a deeper meaning and a sense of abundance.

Education is ruled by Jupiter [as well as Gemini], so I’d say this Jupiter retrograde [in Gemini] is the perfect time to go back at school. Unless of course you’re like me, and you have to take a break. In that case, I say follow the signs. I know it’s cliché, but everything happens for a reason, in due time. Though I am in limbo right now, unsure and confused about my future, I am open to any outcome. I have the rest of my life to live, more journeys to take, and plenty of time to fulfill my clairvoyant verdict.

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