something to count on: numerology 101 [#StarsAndSymbols]

As a young child, I was obsessed with pretending I was a teenager. When asked how old I was by strange adults at random places (not as bad as it sounds), I remember being fond of ages 13 and 17. I’ll admit, 13 was a passing fad, but 17 stuck (my favorite cousin was 17 at the time)! To this day 17 is one of my favorite numbers.

We all have favorites (numbers, colors, shapes, etc.) for a reason, but we don’t often allow ourselves to explore those reasons in depth. What is it about a number that makes it stand out among the infinite amount of others? Sure, certain symbols have sentimental value. While the nostalgia factor is valid, there is arguably a deeper reason for your favorite symbol. Otherwise, it probably wouldn’t have resonated with you in the first place.

Despite their importance, most of us take numbers (and other symbols) for granted. We use them when we need to and leave it at that. If we took the time to understand the unique vibration of each number, we would start to recognize the beautiful, cyclical pattern called numerology.


All numbers, when reduced to single digits, have a deeper significance in numerology. It’s interesting to note how even the shapes of the symbols themselves can contribute to the characteristics of the numbers, even in the most subconscious, archetypal ways [1, for example, is a phallic symbol that represents creative life energy]. Here are numbers 1-9 and their respective qualities…

1 – original, independent, pioneering, inventive, self-centered

2 – cooperative, diplomatic, sensitive, adaptable, shy

3 – optimistic, expressive, inspirational, creative, scattered

4 – practical, hard-working, organized, detail-oriented, stubborn

5 – adventurous, versatile, curious, free, reckless

6 – charming, balanced, compassionate, helpful, self-righteous

7 – introspective, scientific, analytical, spiritual, aloof

8 – executive, successful, ambitious, karmic, materialistic

9 – popular, generous, intuitive, humanitarian, detached

Any number greater than 9 can be simplified by adding each digit. For example, 17 [1+7] can reduced to 8. There are, however, three master numbers [11, 22, 33] that are left alone as double digits. Master numbers are obviously special, revered as higher, more spiritual expressions of their respective sums. 11 is an amplified version of 2, 22 [the master builder] is an amplified version of 4, and 33 [the master teacher] is an amplified version of 6.

Just like astrology, we all have a more in-depth numerological chart based uniquely on our birth dates and names. If you’d like a free reading, click here and plug in your information. The Life Path number is probably the most well-known calculation, representing the traits you are meant to develop and refine as you progress through this lifetime, and it can be found by adding every single digit of your birth date. If you were born on August 3rd, 2009 [08/03/2009], you would add each of those numbers [0+8+0+3+2+0+0+9] to get the sum of 22. Remember, 22 is one of the master numbers, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be reduced [2+2] to 4 because it takes 4’s characteristics to the next level. Leave a comment and share your Life Path (and/or other numbers of significance). Mine is 1!

Whether it’s your date of birth, the forecast temperature, or the time on the cable box, numbers are trying to tell us something. All we have to do is stop, look, and listen. At the end of the day, it’s nice to have something to count on.

7 thoughts on “something to count on: numerology 101 [#StarsAndSymbols]

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