saturn in scorpio: bad breakup [#StarsAndSymbols]

We never really anticipate a breakup when we enter into a relationship. If we did, it wouldn’t make sense to even initiate the relationship in the first place. Despite our high hopes and expectations, these things don’t always go as planned. When I started my first semester of college three and half years ago, I definitely didn’t plan for it to end up this way.

Three and a half years ago, Saturn went into Libra. This transit forced us to slow down and structure our so-called relationships. We learned the discipline of partnership, how to give and receive with other people.  Now that Saturn is in Scorpio, the honeymoon is over. Now the focus is on commitment, intimacy, and shared resources. If the relationships we developed when Saturn was in Libra were not built on a solid foundation, Saturn in Scorpio will make this painfully clear to us, as we will not be able to fake it any longer. The deep, dark truths of our bonds will surface and we will be forced to make a major choice; move forward or divorce.

My school and I are taking somewhat of an extended break right. If our relationship were on Facebook, it would be very, very “complicated.” I was just kicked out of my dorm (one semester shy of my graduation) because my family wasn’t able to pay last semester’s balance. Times are hard, but I guess that doesn’t matter (even if I have attended the same college for nearly four years and paid all six previous semesters). At the end of the day, this “educational institution” is a business, first and foremost. And to think I thought we had something special…


I never thought my first big breakup would be with my college, but what can you do? As much as I want to sing “We are never, ever, ever getting back together”, I have one semester left until Destination: Graduation, and it would only make sense to go back in the near future and get my degree out of the way. Until then, I’m excited to expand my horizons and explore my options. This will be my first time not being in school for almost twenty years, and I will make the most of it.

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