travel trouble and tip tomfoolery [mercury retrograde]

My car’s name is Bryce. Yes, he is a boy (some cars are boys, get over it). In car years, Bryce is a little old. He’s a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT. We just celebrated (that was a lie) his 10th birthday. Bryce is technically my mom’s car, but since she upgraded to a Honda Pilot, I have been driving him. He’s been mine for about four years now.

nick bryce

Every so often, Bryce breaks. For the better part of our relationship, I’ve been out of state, away at school. When I did come home it would be for weekends, short breaks, and extended vacations, and I’ll admit to neglecting his needs. Bryce’s body bears the brunt of my negligence. Most recently, the stiff steering wheel was almost impossible to turn, and the heat was blasting icicles. Eventually the steering wheel locked and the battery gave out. Bryce hiccupped his way into the Payless parking lot for an impromptu slumber party. As of yesterday, my baby Bryce is in the shop, awaiting his diagnosis and subsequent prognosis. In this instance, he began acting up a few days ago, less than a week after Mercury went retrograde.

Mercury is the messenger, and rules over travel. Whereas gigantic Jupiter oversees long distance journeys, Mercury prefers short day trips around the neighborhood and nearby surrounding area. Planets appear to move backward when retrograde, and symbolically, the energy of the planet is redirected inward. If you realize the route you’ve been taking is leading you in the wrong direction, don’t worry – you are not alone. And there’s nothing wrong with a little realization.

Retrograde Mercury in Pisces, in particular, is a period of mental reflection on a deeply subconscious level. Because we’re so lost in our own dreamy world of poetic abstractions, it may be hard to make a point. Pisces is known to cause confusion. When Pisces is paired with the planet of communication and cognition, don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost in translation. Whatever isn’t verbally comprehended, however, will be felt emotionally. Mercury in Pisces’ psychic awareness is introverted when retrograde, which could provide a newfound understanding of self-sabotaging thought patterns that were previously hidden in the most obscure, isolated recesses of the unconscious.

Commerce falls under Mercury’s domain, and I definitely felt the retrograde at my (potential) job (still training, technically) yesterday. Selling memberships is a big focus at the spa, almost as important as providing great service. I closed by myself for the first time last night, and I had the pleasure of dealing with misdirected aggression of confused clients (in store and on phone) and the frustrating after-effects of an apparently experimental new method of tip distribution. My boss had to come back and make some damage control phone calls. Because of the tip tomfoolery, one of the drawers was way off and we spent an hour trying to figure out why the register went awry. To top it all off, I forgot to clock out on the computer. Did I mention Mercury rules technology? Happy Retrograde!

full moon [virgo]


Confused? Tonight’s illuminatingly thorough Full Moon in Virgo should provide the clarity you need, especially in regards to work, health, and daily routine. Use your imagination to find magic in the mundane!

(February 25, 2013 @ 3:26 PM)

Service, Discernment, Selflessness

Is your worrisome anxiety hindering you from having faith in others? Are your critiques making it hard to show unconditional love? Have you been analyzing your feelings instead of actually feeling them?

“Heal with love as you serve purity, precision, and perfection.”

2013 = 6 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Every year has a unique vibration. Numerology is a helpful way to characterize those vibrations. If you add each digit of 2013, what do you get? 6! That means 2013 is a 6-year. For more insight, you must develop a greater understanding of the number 6.

6 is the number of service. Duty and responsibility come into focus when dealing with 6 energy. 6 is the most balanced and harmonious of all numbers. Family-oriented 6 is caring, loving, and nurturing. 6 heals what hurts.


I am almost done training at The Spa. Soon I will find out if they want to keep me or not. The prospect of a full-time job is overwhelming at times, but overall I am enjoying myself. I’ve wanted to work at a spa work a while now. I love the tranquil, relaxing environment (I’m also looking forward to discounted massages). Appropriately, the building number is 330. 3+3+0=6.

I am where I need to be.

sun [pisces]



The water bearer poured all of his water into a stream. In this stream, two fish dream of swimming simultaneously in two different directions. Like mirrored reflections or something like that.

This is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac. This is Pisces.

no need to be nice [venus in aquarius]

For some reason “nice” is a quality that I have always held in high esteem. Maybe I watched too much Barney. Could be that good ol’ Disney programming, to which I’ve compared the Hitler Youth on numerous occasions. I save many of my notebooks and other assorted assignments from elementary school. Looking back, it’s almost sickening (and definitely curious) how often I described myself as “nice.”


So far in 2013 I have realized that the world still spins, nice or not. I am still adjusting to that revelation, but it is suddenly very clear to me. Whereas I would go out of my way to accommodate others with an overly-considerate demeanor, I am learning to chill out and let things play out as they must. It’s in my nature to give others what (I know) they want, but I am much more comfortable with honoring my truth, even if I am considered the “bad guy.”

Venus is in Aquarius. Venus represents how we deal with other people. Exchange. Interaction. Compromise. Aquarius is rebellious and revolutionary. Naturally, Venus’ transit through Aquarius changes the way we relate. What we value, especially in our partnerships, comes under question. We might become more conscious of our own self-worth, which could be quite shocking to our social networks.

Have you had any revelations regarding your relationships? If so, please share your insights! Shift well.

the actor vs. the character [poetry]

(If you like this, check out my first [self-published] book of poetry, Fraction of Paradise.)


it is unforgivable what i have allowed myself to forget

but i admit it had to be done

for the sake of some unwritten rule

that i never agreed to

for some treaty that i never signed

i left myself behind

to stand idly by and watch helplessly

the perilous saga of the actor vs. the character

i never forget my lines

but for the life of me

i cannot seem to recall my objective


time to work [saturn retrograde]

Today, I had my second interview at one of my potential jobs, a small spa in one of the suburbs of Atlantic City. During my first interview, the hiring manager gave me a script to look over. She told me the owner is very particular about his business, so she gave me a couple weeks to memorize the script. “If he says this paper is black, it’s black,” she warned me, holding up a white piece of paper.

I wasn’t originally going to do to the follow-up interview. As soon as I saw the script and heard about the charmingly dogmatic owner, I had second thoughts about the position. Plus, I had a really good interview at a retail outlet last week in Atlantic City and heard from some friends that their hiring manager liked me; said I made her laugh. Since I’m no longer living in Manhattan, I wanted to work in some semblance of a city. Atlantic City’s not much, but it’s something. It’s home, at least.

On the other hand, I would love to work in a spa. The atmosphere is always tranquil, which aligns with my personality. I’ve never had a professional massage, but I am looking forward to discounts and other employee perks. Besides, there are only so many times I’ll be able to put my performance degree to good use working a 9-5 type job. The script reading felt like an audition. I was nervous reciting my lines in the small office (“how was your massage today?”), but she said I was the only one who has memorized the whole thing!

The spa isn’t in the city, but it pays more than the outlet store and it’s full time. Once I hear back from the outlet, I’ll see if it’s possible to make time for both. I didn’t plan on working two jobs, but if I’m going to work this semester instead of finishing my degree, I might as well get money. I start my two week paid trial at the spa tomorrow morning at 8:45.


Saturn [in Scorpio] turned retrograde this morning. When Saturn retrogrades, we test our foundation for shakiness. Thanks to the inward redirection of this responsible energy, we have the patience to reevaluate, the organization to restructure, and the discipline to follow through on previously existing projects. In general, retrogrades are known to throw a curveball or two. Needless to say, Saturn retrogrades are not the best time to initiate new business ventures, especially when Saturn is in financially-focused Scorpio. Fortunately, all the planets were direct a couple weeks ago when I first applied and interviewed.

It’s funny that I begin working (front desk) at a spa on the first day therapeutic Pisces Season. 2013 has been chaotic, unsettling year so far, but I’ve been adapting and I am looking forward to soaking up the healing vibrations. I don’t know how long it will last or where it will lead me, but this is whole new chapter in my story. My life as I know it has shifted.

aggresive dissolution: mars in pisces [astroloco]

Sometimes something happens– something so simple that completely alters your perception of the world around you, and everything within it. When you’re forced to adjust, there is no time for anger, although some people stay mad. Others will surrender and begin to find their center all over again. It’s a balancing act.

When Mars is in Pisces, boundaries are actively dissolved and with great effort. Energy is put into feeling instead of fighting, so we are actually affected by our experiences in deeper dimensions. The limitation of outdated perspectives is lifted, allowing us to see life through a new set of eyes. Soon the Sun will join Mars [as well as Mercury and Neptune] in magical Pisces. Isn’t that fantastic?

There is a line that has been crossed. Nothing will ever be the same now. If the leaf falls dead from the branch of the tree, why risk the disappointment of attachment? Just because it used to work does not mean it will work forever. Let it go. Go with the flow. Unlearn what you think you know.


If haven’t already, check out this video of the Meteor that hit Russia. After watching it, I had to reconsider my conception of space. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so separate.