off the deep end: pisces season [astroloco]

Happy Pisces Season! Hope everything’s going swimmingly!


There are six planets in Pisces [sun, mercury, venus, mars, neptune, and chiron] for the next couple weeks. Wherever these planets fall in your chart is where you have been experiencing a concentration of Piscean energy or activity. This is called a STELLIUM in astrology.

The Pisces Stellium falls in my 3rd House of communication. The 3rd House rules elementary learning, intellectual curiosity, social contacts, siblings, neighbors, local trips, media, technology, messages (phone, text, e-mail), just to name a few. It’s a busy house with lots of brief little moments of mental stimulation. Negatively, this energy is scattered and restless. Pisces in the 3rd House mystifies communications, so that our perceptions are dreamier than usual, flavored with fantastical feelings. What we think we see could actually be an illusion. Makes you wonder what is real and what is not.

Tired of swimming in circles in shallow water? The moon has just joined Saturn in Scorpio for a weekend spell, so don’t be afraid to go off the deep end. Take a big breath. Submerge.

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