do you believe in magic? [pisces new moon]

A little after midnight, I reached 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel, SHADY SUN. It seems as though it took a while, but in the grand scheme of everything, it happened so fast. I’ve had my channel up for more than three years, but for the first couple years, I didn’t upload very much.

Last year I started uploading videos more regularly, starting with an improv series called Improv ThursDaze. Improv ThursDaze is a creative collaboration between my college friends and I. We did over a dozen improvised skits last year and we had a great time playing with each other. We haven’t done a video in a while, but I know we will soon, and they’ll be better than ever! My newest series is called AstroLoco, which I started last June after a life-changing trip to California. AstroLoco is dedicated to the astrological interpretation of the stars and their cycles. I’ve put the most time and energy into this series, and in turn I have received the most love of all my projects. AstroLoco, out of anything, got me 100 subscribers.

I’m not quite sure where these projects will take me, or what new ventures I will start, but I believe in them. I believe I do what I do for a reason and I am on the right path at the right time for me. It’s beautiful to see the seeds I planted begin to blossom, because I know this is only the glimpse of what’s to come. This process is simply magical.

Today’s New Moon in Pisces is asking you to believe. Disregard doubt and fear and all that negativity. Listen to your heart and your spirit. Honor your intuition, as you are tuned in to something so much bigger than ego. Something amazing that won’t lead you astray. It will lead you to a higher plane if only you let it. Dream big, do what you love, and share it with the world. That’s healing.

Thank you for the support.

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