doing vs. being: mars in aries [astroloco]

Is there a difference between doing and being? If so, what is it and what does that mean to you?

I searched to The Free Dictionary and looked at the first definition of both verbs.

a. To perform or execute: do one’s assigned task; do a series of business deals.
b. To fulfill the requirements of: did my duty at all times.
c. To carry out; commit: a crime that had been done on purpose.

1. To exist in actuality; have life or reality: I think, therefore I am.

Verbs are action words. Action is the zeitgeist of the next month or so now that Mars is in Aries, which is one of the two signs that it rules. This transit is one of great physical energy, impulse, and vigor. You will MOVE. You will GO. You will feel more MOTIVATED than usual,  and take the INITIATIVE to WIN the object of your DESIRE.


If this excites you, wait until Aries Season officially begins! Once the Sun, Mercury, and Venus join Mars [and slow-moving Uranus] in an Aries stellium, the urge to act will be even stronger. How you act, though, could be altered by your vocabulary and the way in which you manipulate language.

Words are spells that can get us in a bind if we don’t know how to use them. When you talk, it is imperative to realize what you are saying. Are you setting yourself up for failure with what you speak? If not, keep on talkin’ that talk!

What words do you avoid, if any? Please share them and let me know why! Speaking of words, Mercury [in Pisces] is now direct after its first retrograde of the year. If you’ve been mentally lost in the abyss, look forward to some much-needed clarity and a lot less confusion.

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