you, through the eyes of another: full moon in libra [astroloco]

When one person says something about you, it is an opinion. When two people say that same thing about you, it is still an opinion. When three people say the same thing about you, it might be time to listen to their opinion.

Somewhere between being told I’m “too uptight” and I “dance like Carlton”, I came to the conclusion that I need to loosen up. I was a little defensive considering these comments were made by people who were just meeting me. To know me is to love me, and they definitely didn’t know me. How, then, could they possibly judge me fairly? By the same token, I know first impressions are valid in their own (relatively important) way. Regardless, they made me wonder what type of energy I project.


The way we project who we are onto others is represented by Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, therefore equivalent to the first impression. Libra, Aries’ polar opposite sign, represents other people and the way see them. Partnerships of all kinds are ruled by Libra. We are in Aries Season, which means the sun [along with Venus, Mars, and Uranus] is in Aries. The moon is currently in Libra, which means we are experiencing a sun/moon opposition, better known as a Full Moon. This Full Moon in Libra illuminates autonomy, diplomacy, and conflict resolution. In order to avoid succumbing to the lunacy of these opposing energies, we must balance Aries’ aggressive self-involvement with Libra’s harmonious consideration.

Instead of becoming defensive (which is my impulse), I am now appreciative of the opinions of others, whether negative or positive. The perspective of another person is valuable because it is (usually) way more objective than your own. Don’t get me wrong- Just because 13 people say you’re ugly and fat doesn’t make you ugly or fat (especially since adjectives like those are mere perceptions). I have, however, learned a lot about myself through my interactions and social exchanges, even if indirectly. Now I just have to learn how to loosen up.

Any suggestions? 🙂

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