22: the master builder [#StarsAndSymbols]

I was just browsing the analytics page of my YouTube channel [Shady Sun], as I do sometimes when I’m bored. This page has ALL the details of my account. One of those details is the date I created the channel, August 3, 2009. Naturally, I decided to calculate the Life Path of my channel!

After adding the digits of said date [8/3/2009], I discovered the Life Path Number of Shady Sun is 22! I was so excited to learn this, considering 22 is a super-rare master number, referred to as the “master builder” in numerology. 22 [2+2] can be reduced to 4, so it is a masterful amplification of 4’s practically grounded energy. 4 yields tangible, material results. 22 takes those results to the next level, bringing lofty ideas from the dream world into physical manifestation. A visionary of global proportions, 22 is potentially the most powerful number there is.


I am building an empire and it is Shady Sun.

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