one day: the crutch [poetry]

It’s a crutch, it’s a crutch, it’s a beautiful crutch
Constructed like time itself
Held as reality, regarded as law
But flawed and conceptual on a good day
It’s time to give it up

How long will I smoke this tree
Choking on blunt debris with a pair of lungs unseen
Not playing fair but praying on this tainted air
Hoping to a degree that this high won’t lose its steam
I be dreaming until I wake up
Then fall back asleep
In an instant

Eating meat
Beats me why, but it be
Between the teeth, diet cheating
Guilty grieving, chasing blood with leaves
Trying to deceive myself into accepting the savory savagery
Just one more bite
Teeth sink
Tears well
Oh well

There is a thirst to be quelled
But I can’t bear to drink any more
There is a place called hell
But it is too close to my front door
My home is not where I was reared
But I was raised somewhere near
Right around here, in a world of fear
But somehow, I love it dearly

Photo on 2013-04-23 at 23.39 #3


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