mother’s day: moon [astroloco]

At this point in my life, I am done with corporate holidays. They are forced and insincere, all  for the sake of stimulating the economy. I’ve seen so many people this past week, especially today, run into The Spa last minute to buy their unsuspecting mothers thoughtless gifts. Why do we as a society settle for these patriarchal money-spending schemes.

Speaking of patriarchy, why is Mother’s Day celebrated celebrated on Sunday? If we are going to celebrate mothers, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to do so on Monday? Monday = MOONday. Moon = cosmic mother, whereas the Sun is a very masculine energy. Not everyone subscribes to astrology and occult symbolism (at least not on a conscious level), but I am revamping my celebration of these “holidays”. I will not celebrate something when I’m told to because I’m told to. My family didn’t even celebrate Christmas last year!


I don’t know about you, but I’m living in a new paradigm where the love I have for my mother is not measured by meaningless gifts and a tacky card that was written by a stranger.

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