conscious curiosity: gemini season [astroloco]

We should all hitchhike at least once in our lives. Right? Or have I been driven to the jaded edge of normalcy by one too many long walks to the bus stop? Either way, I have had the incurable urge to flip my thumb to the sky, left hand hand high, just to have the obligatory hitchhiking story to tell.

Walking the winding(ly straight) road from The Spa, my mind dazzled with the endless array of possible outcomes. Either I would be left hanging – outcast as perverse social scum, searching for trouble in the lowest way – or I would simply be offered a ride. Of course, and not so simply, the latter outcome would present a whole slew of scenarios. I could very well be kidnapped, but I could also meet the love of my life. Or my soul mate. Twin flame even? If I could only just, you know, actually hitchhike.


I had just come from gracing The Spa with my presence for the duration of a 6 hour midshift. I usually close, which works out because I like to sleep in. Midshift, on the other hand, is 11 AM to 5 PM (which means I have to be up at around 9 to get ready for the bus). I offered to give my mid-shift to my co-worker. It would have worked out; she wanted more hours, I wanted to stay in bed. Being the 33 Life Path that she is, she convinced me to come in for my mid, since I took off for a weeklong Pittsburgh getaway. “You better work!” she messaged me on Facebook. “Make some type of money.” It’s hard to play hooky when you work with the Master Teacher.

Although I usually close, I decided to embrace the spirit of versatility and drag myself out of bed (relying solely on my body’s biological alarm clock… have you seen my cell phone?) for the midshift. Ultimately, my coworker served a reminder that I am back home with a goal, which is to pay off my tuition. As much fun as I want to have (and as many days as I’d like to NOT be at The Spa), the more focused I am on the task at hand, the sooner I will be able to reach Destination: Graduation. Can’t let a detour detract from my sense of direction.

I opted out of my 30 minute break in order to leave The Spa a half hour earlier. Because life is a constant test of my will power and money management, I missed just the bus and had to hour to tame my hungry twin who, for some reason, can never wait to eat for free at home. A quick trip to the Sprint Store to try to locate my missing phone turned into a to-go order of small fries and a slice of grandma’s whole wheat from Maurizio’s. All I wanted to do was pass the time while I waited for the next bus to arrive! Why must there be so much temptation next door to my job and why I must I (um, my twin) give in to it?

In Gemini Season, we come face to face with our figurative twins. These twins can be actual people with whom we come into contact, as well as undiscovered facets of own our personalities that emerge when we are flexible enough to change and adapt at a moment’s notice. Gemini is restless, always looking for a novel experience to fill in the blank of boredom, no matter how fleeting that experience is. When one has the mental quickness of 2, boredom seems inevitable, which is why Gemini has the reputation of being troublesome. Maybe mischievous is a better word? I think so. Regardless, The Twins are always looking for a new source of stimulation, and they will find it one way or another. I found fast food.

And then, just before I popped a blood vessel trying to grow the balls to hitchhike home, I was found.

“Nick!” shouted an undisclosed voice of the female variety, as said voice grew arms and rolled down its window. It was an acquaintance of mine from high school. She was always more of a friend of a friend (our mutual friend, who was home visiting before returning to summer school, had “coincidentally” driven me to The Spa earlier that morning), since we never really talked on our own, but I knew her well enough to follow her on Twitter after we graduated high school, so… you know. “What’s wrong?” she asked. I guess she saw the blood vessel.

“Where are you going?” I asked her with a smile on my face, stopping on the slab of pavement in the middle of the street.

Fortunately, she was going by the mall to buy a new belly ring before heading home to the same suburb of Atlantic City that I live in. I was on my way to the mall to catch my bus, but first I had to visit the bank (located conveniently in the mall) to withdraw some ~comfort ca$h~ for my Pittsburgh trip, which is why I was rushing, which is why I was thinking of hitchhiking instead of walking. It all makes sense now, right? (Maybe? Kinda sorta? One day soon? Great!) She agreed to pick me up.

Even though I didn’t work up the courage to thumb my way home, the universal consciousness of my hitchhiking curiosity (and the divine timing of my fast food craving) created a way for me to get to where I had to go, albeit via an old education connection. After a short ride from one town to another, my education connection turned into a full-fledged friend, an invaluable member of my social network. Although we didn’t talk much in high school, I would love to keep in touch with her. Realistically, I don’t have a phone and she is no longer on Twitter, so I might not see her for another 4 years. Gemini Season is full of quick, exciting moments like this! A brief exchange is an exchange nonetheless, and I am always down for a joyride, especially one that is unexpected and free.

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