a “relaxing” spa day: mercury retrograde [astroloco]

Mercury went retrograde last week, but I didn’t feel it until today. Mercury, for those who don’t remember, Mercury rules communication, cognition, and commerce. Signals that we receive from our immediate environment as we talk and travel and make transactions are ruled by Mercury, as well as technology and media. Basically, Mercury is the transmission of messages.

When a planet retrogrades, those messages don’t transmit as easily as usual. Astronomically, the planet in question appears to slow down and start moving backward in its orbit. Planets don’t actually go backward, but the optical illusion is tremendously symbolic. A retrograde is a period of review. Since the energy is expressed inwardly instead of outwardly, external events may not go as planned. Mercury retrograde is especially chaotic, as reasoning becomes a challenge, and our rational minds seem to cause us more problems than a broken computer.


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the part-time porn star: mars in gemini [astroloco]

Have you ever seen someone you know in a porno? I’m not talking about a leaked nude or an amateur, homemade video clip on xtube. I’m talking about a legit porn film, with a script and a storyline and everything. I was minding my own business last night, surfing the forbidden netherworld of the internets, when all sudden I saw a familiar face with a voice that I knew very well. Talk about a curveball!

At first I thought I was trippin. This man on my screen had to be some sort of doppelgänger. He couldn’t possibly be the man I thought he was, seeing as how that man was super professional and too well put together to dabble in something as decadent and lewd as pornography. These, of course, were surface judgments, as I never get to know him that well. He was one of the staff members at my internship and I hardly ever engaged with him. For discretion’s sake I won’t say where I interned in this post (although I have mentioned it previously in another post), but it was a major association for playwrights in New York City with a lot of big name members and councilmen. After some meticulous research, I found out that this “actor” was indeed the man I thought he was.

I was so intrigued by this revelation because I worked in the same vicinity as this guy for a whole semester and never even knew. Naturally, I began to imagine every possible scenario of his double life. Did everyone else there know he was a porn star, and if so, what did they say when they found out? Did he think I knew he was a porn star, and if so, did that excite him? If I did know he was a porn star, would I have been more open to talking to him? Truthfully, I wasn’t very social with anyone at my internship. I felt out of my element because they were all more passionate about theatre than I was. Plus they were all older and mostly of European descent, so there wasn’t much of an immediate common ground. I stayed to myself because I thought of them as elitists of some sort and I never want to say or do the wrong thing. Little did I know my desk was 3 feet away from the office of a closet freak.


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comeback [#ScrambledArt]


Like a thief in the night
When your guard is down like your zipper was
When you’re expecting nothing
Something will knock you from the mountaintop
You climbed with stolen shoes

Call it a gust of wind
Scientific law or religion
Because a name is just a name is just a name
Is it a game if when you play you have to lose yourself to win?
I will not call it a sin
But I will call it like I see it

Equal and opposite reactions
A chasm mocks any sense of entitlement
Unbridled and careless actions boomerang such a cost
Lost in the spasm of a comeback

a word with my senior self: full moon in capricorn [astroloco]

the cancer/capricorn opposition deals with the dynamic of growing up. cancer is childhood: the privacy of the home environment, where we come from and how we feel about it. capricorn is adulthood: the publicity of the world stage, where we are going and how we plan to get there. to balance this opposition of the full moon in capricorn, we must find a way to bridge the gap of maturity by stripping away the Pamper of insecurity and stepping into the uniform of authority.


i received an idea on the full moon. although we grow in a multitude of ways over the duration of our lives that might render us unrecognizable to the naked eye, we are essentially the same person. i decided to write a letter to the most full-grown version of myself and I invite you all to do the same. not only is this intimate and inspiring, but it is also a form of creative visualization that is helpful for the intimidating transition from youth to elder. we must take responsibility for our future, but first we must clearly envision it.  here are my words…

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worth the wait: full moon in capricorn [astroloco]

A star is born, but what good is it if it dies out just as soon as it starts to burn? Sure, it may cause a stir, but it will never earn a place in the books as one of the greatest to have ever shone if it doesn’t guide your way back home on a nightly basis. Brilliance is measured by resilience, just as the light takes billions of years to penetrate the blackest spaces. The process is paced glacially, but no one said it was a race. Believe me when I tell you it is beyond well worth the wait. In fact, it is dazzling.

Patience is important when you’re young and on the rise. Capitalize on each moment in an economic way to ensure future success and secure a better day. There is no need for grand displays when you have your whole life shining ahead. Results may be so that they do not show yet, but don’t forget the sun is comprised solely of tiny little specs of electrical energy. United for a synergy, they power the world.

Cherish every flicker and foster every flare. Send sparks into the air just to catch them on the comeback once again. Snatch up particles to use them as the fuel for revolutions. Feeling useless? The solution is to keep the body moving, proving that there’s always win in every solitary spin. If they’re shady, let them doubt, because soon everyone will know. We are the supernovas. Step aside when we explode.


Sort of like a cosmic trophy, the Full Moon in Capricorn reveals how far we’ve come. This can be burden if we are unsure where we are and how to get there where we need to be. We are not meant to be discouraged by this illumination, no. It should motivate us to take care of business and manage what needs to be managed. A little organization goes a long way, beyond even your wildest imagination. The more we realize exactly what we want in this life, the easier it is to realize the small goals that are leading us ultimately to the top of the world. Keep climbing and go far.

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i can pretend [#ScrambledArt]

this shell is getting smaller or maybe taller are my bones. i have outgrown my home, although i’m very known to dwell. i’m prone to setting goals, but heaven knows I am composed of shifting sands from the ocean throwing tears against the land. my plan is serious, but too complex to understand. i feel it when i feel it. if i’m not real, i can pretend. ** it’s time to come out.

summer solstice: cancer [astroloco]

Happy Summer Solstice!

The sun is shining bright in Cancer. The Crab uses its claws to make its home a safe haven, but it must beware of clinging for the sake and security of familiarity. We can express our sentimental souls without going off the deep end if we allow ourselves to honor the past without dwelling on it.


Doesn’t summer feel good? 😀

the big (quick) review: jupiter in gemini [astroloco]

The past year has seen us verbalizing our beliefs. Our abundant curiosity has taken us on many journeys. We have learned many meaningful lessons, and have been more than excited to share what we have learned with the people in our social sphere. Question is, are we practicing what we’ve preached, or are we opting instead for the doctrine of duality?


We have taken in so much with Jupiter in Gemini that I think it would be worthwhile to review all the discoveries we have made during this transit. Studies have been expanded, faith has been tested by unpredictable circumstances, and our networks have grown exponentially. As Jupiter approaches the final degree of Gemini, we must find a moment to process the stimulating variety of wisdom we have happened upon.

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