unplugged, but still connected – gemini season [astroloco]

Ask any astrologer about The Twins and they are sure to mention phones ringing off the hook, chirping incessantly with never-ending text messages, emails, tweets, and other ~extremely urgent~ notifications. While being barraged with streams of technological consciousness is a convenient way to stay in the know, I know how liberating it feels not to be reliant on a mobile device. I lost my phone 2 months ago, and although the majority of my peer group would have suffered some sort of psychotic episode in this situation, I have never been better!

I was fortunate enough to be born in the 1990s, a technological transition of sorts. Most of us indulged in television, and the occasional family was even privileged enough to own a PC, but it was virtually unheard of to stare at a screen outside of the house until the new millennium. Now it’s a novelty NOT to have a cell phone, tablet, or laptop on your person at all times.

The attachment we have to these devices is certainly a great shift considering how dependent we have come to be. The all-knowing intelligence of the smart phone and other similar gadgets are seemingly inescapable in an Orwellian kind of way, but that’s an idea for another day. Or is it…

NSA anyone?

If I were most of my friends, I would have replaced my phone as soon as it was lost due to an inability to cope with separation anxiety and an unwillingness to survive the good old fashioned way. Besides not being much of a telephone user, I simply don’t feel the need to replace it, especially if I must go out of my way to do so. As per usual, I am embracing this as an opportunity to see how long I can go without.

Over the past 2 phoneless months, I have been forced to communicate in more creative ways. I am compelled to talk to strangers a lot more, usually asking for the time, which is always quite the icebreaker. Speaking of time, I have been using my internal alarm instead of the (traumatically) loud one on my phone. I even took a trip to Pittsburgh, 7 hours there and back, and came back again after a week with no phone. Where’s my medal?

The coolest thing about not having a phone is that I am no longer able to pretend to text or mindlessly refresh my Twitter feed to avoid awkward social situations. I actually have to take responsibility for myself by engaging with other people, face to face, and embracing the unexpected wonders of personal interaction. Gemini Season is all about being witty enough to think on our feet in even the most unpredictable diverse circumstances. Gemini is also big on education, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I don’t need a mobile phone to be adaptable.

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