a “relaxing” spa day: mercury retrograde [astroloco]

Mercury went retrograde last week, but I didn’t feel it until today. Mercury, for those who don’t remember, Mercury rules communication, cognition, and commerce. Signals that we receive from our immediate environment as we talk and travel and make transactions are ruled by Mercury, as well as technology and media. Basically, Mercury is the transmission of messages.

When a planet retrogrades, those messages don’t transmit as easily as usual. Astronomically, the planet in question appears to slow down and start moving backward in its orbit. Planets don’t actually go backward, but the optical illusion is tremendously symbolic. A retrograde is a period of review. Since the energy is expressed inwardly instead of outwardly, external events may not go as planned. Mercury retrograde is especially chaotic, as reasoning becomes a challenge, and our rational minds seem to cause us more problems than a broken computer.


First, I had to reschedule my Hot Stone Massage at The Spa because my coworker called out. I ran late for my facial because I had to drop my mom off in the city in the midst of mad traffic. I waited an hour after my facial for the Hot Stone that I rebooked with my other coworker, only to be asked to reschedule again on another day. In the time I waited for my massage, the organic grocery store I wanted to visit had closed, so I had to go to Shoprite.

After being in The Spa for a lot longer than I prefer to be on my day off, I stopped at Red Robin to try their veggie burger, come to find out I could’ve bought the same brand from Shoprite for way cheaper. The drink I bought while I waited for my burger tasted like overpriced fruit juice (no wonder it was $2 off today). I finally made it to Shoprite, where I spent about 20 minutes buying food for my mom. Once I get to the counter, my mom’s debit card doesn’t go through because the pin number is incorrect. After trying to call her on the store phone for 10 minutes, she gives it to me again, but the card is now locked – you know, to protect against fraud and exacerbate my flourishing headache. I had to leave ALL the food there.

Today was supposed to be a relaxing spa day. As I have learned, supposition is nothing but fantasy, and it is best not to get attached. I did enjoy my facial and I wore my new outfit and I know NEVER to waste my money at expensive ass Red Robin ever again (especially on a “drink”), so today had its moments. Experiences that are perceived as negative can be the most beneficial when we choose to use them as learning lessons. Once Mercury goes direct again, we will be able to apply all that we have learned during the retrograde, so it is imperative for us to embrace all the mistakes we make.

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