fun, hungover: full moon in aquarius [astroloco]

Nothing slaps you in the face quite like the morning after a night of festivities. What is released with reckless abandon boomerangs back like a drunken love letter marked Return to Sender by the playful proofreader you call your best friend. The buffer of blacked out memories is massacred by the moment when subconscious is awakened with awareness of universal truth. Cosmic consciousness galvanizes all that is alive, stirring you from your sleeping state to a place of remembrance. Don’t you know what happened?

We just celebrated our 5th Annual Family Cookout (barbecue if you’re confused) on Saturday. Family and friends from near and far made their way to my house for food, fun, and unforgettable moments. It was the perfect way to end the season of Cancer: at home, surrounded by familiar faces, imbibing the brew of a reunion. It seems as though The Crab has crawled into the lion’s den for a Leo Season staycation, and we are already experiencing the first Full Moon in Aquarius of the summer [there will be an Aquarius Blue Moon in August]. As the sky is illuminated with the brightness of lunar opposition, it becomes clear see exactly how much of a good time we had last weekend. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to clean up its mess, especially when the village members are equally responsible for creating it.


The process of sobriety brings realizations that could drive us to drink if we think that our performance will be reviewed. All the world’s a stage, but if we inspire everyone to play as an ensemble, there will be no room for critics. There is a thin line between comedy and tragedy, but regardless of the masks we may wear, we will always revel in the current of the dramatic ritual.

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