33: the master teacher [#StarsAndSymbols]

I moved around a lot as child. We had recently moved into an apartment in the suburbs of Atlantic City with my newborn sister when I turned 6. The address was 33 Liberty Court.


Like most of the places I called home in my early years, we lived there for less than a year. Despite the duration, I learned a lot of my most valuable lessons in the minute amount of time we spent in this apartment. I babysat myself for the first time, as well as my infant sister, when my mom had to step out for work or to run important errands. Sometimes, I had to wake myself up in the morning, pack my own lunch, and walk alone down the street to the bus stop for school. When I pretended to read a list of books to win the BOOK IT! prize (a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut), my mom dissuaded me against cheating my way to victory, which left a huge impression on my conscience. Due to the mold in the apartment, I even endured a week of trauma (and a Happy Days marathon on Nick @ Nite) at the hospital, which taught me not to play around with my allergies. These situations, among others, provided me with wisdom that I carry with me to this day. It was not until years later that I realized our little apartment was vibrating at such a masterful frequency.

In a previous post on numerology, I mentioned the master numbers [the 3 numbers that aren’t reduced to single digit status]: 11, 22, and 33. Known as the Master Teacher, 33 combines the spiritually intuitive sensitivity of 11 and the enterprisingly global vision of 22, and uses this knowledge to uplift the world. 33 [3+3] is a higher vibration of 6, the nurturing number that represents community, family, and responsibility, so these qualities are amplified exponentially.  Supportive 6 uses the power of love to heal, and 33’s duty is to demonstrate how a little patience, compassion, and selflessness go a long way. 33 transcends domestic relations and blood bonds to foster universal familiarity. Do you think there’s any coincidence that Jesus Christ lived to be 33?

Beauty is a characteristic of 6, and there is an attraction that cannot be denied when it comes to 33. This charming number can use its magnetism for a cause greater than itself, or it can be overcome by sensual, material pleasures. 6 is the number of balance, so 33 can go to extremes to establish and maintain harmony. The master teacher wants what’s best for its loved ones, but we all have our own lives to live, so 33 must beware of imposing its “help” upon others lest it manifest a reputation of interfering. 33 can become jealous if its services are not well-received and its loyalty is not reciprocated, which can be indicative of an over-active ego, in which case the 33 is stuck in the mode of 6 rather than living out its humanitarian master mission. Fortunately, ultra-conscious 33 [which is also blessed with the energy of 3] is excellent communicator that adjusts itself accordingly in relation to others, as it ultimately aims for perfection of the mind, body, and soul.

It’s funny, because my sister was born just a few months before we moved into 33 Liberty Court. Since I calculated her Life Path number, I knew she was a 6, but recently I discovered she is actually a 33/6, which is a much rarer. As much as I learned in our brief stint in the little apartment, I’m sure her impressionable infant energy resonated even more with the powerful frequency of the place we once called home, especially since its vibration aligned perfectly with hers. I look forward to seeing my sister one day profess her experience as the Master Teacher.

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