charm is me [poetry]

Charm is me
When I get you in a bind
Outshine your sun
I could make you go blind
I will black your eyes out
Just to increase your sense
My life is rich right now
I don’t be past tenses

Charm is me
When I turn on your lights
I will have you climbing poles
Still chasing that high
Look me dead in my eye
And say you don’t like it
Make you jump like thunder
Call me black lightning

charm = me pic

Charm is me
It’s my debutante pageant
If you hold my wand
I will trick you like magic
Bolt nuts ratchet
Leave my cash in the till
Oh boy, you look thirsty
You need a refill?

Charm is me
Read you like a grimoire
When the shade is cast
I finish with a “voila!”
My beauty like a parlor
Got ’em happier than campers
Pitched a tent
Guess my reign is a damper

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