oprah’s o: leo symbolism? [#StarsAndSymbols]

Oprah’s O: Leo Symbolism?


Leo Season may be over according to Western Astrology, but the east is still screaming “Long Live the King!” Is it any coincidence that the cover of the September issue of Oprah‘s O Magazine (released earlier in August) seems to channel The Lion, mane and all? Find out why the Queen of TV could be using the Leo imagery to boost her brand. Continue reading

Seeing Signs [#StarsAndSymbols]

“So what is the big deal about signs anyway?”

That is the question I’ve been asking lately, and I’ve received a great variety of answers. As someone who often feels intellectually outcast due to what are usually considered “alternative” points of view, I didn’t honestly expect to encounter many people who think and feel the way I do about “this kind of stuff”, outside of a metaphysical forum or some other online support group for energetically interpretive abstracts such as I. To my surprise, the replies to my question have been quite inspiring.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been hosting Stars & Symbols Spa Parties. Shining a light on occult symbolism and sharing my astrological/numerological interpretations with these ladies has been a mutually amazing learning experience. Nothing feels better than resonating with people at the core of their being, while simultaneously being privileged enough to have them share their own spiritual journeys. I even received a gift last night at the 4th and final Spa Party, which was a set of astrology themed divination cards.

Photo on 8-29-13 at 12_Fotor_Collage_Fotor

The best part of this experience was the discovery that many of these ladies were already following the signs before I even met them (which shouldn’t be as shocking as it is to me, considering they all signed up in the first place…)! Their awareness of the significance of the cosmic messages they receive on a daily basis not only blew me away, but provided me with a solid foundation upon which to build during each individual consultation, as well as our group discussions.

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shea butter [#ScambledArt]

like the sun that tried
to shine in march
as I took steps forward
after being knocked back
life has a knack for being
i wonder
if the moon reflected any light
that month
the nights were too dark


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shining a light on the shadow [#ShadySun]

The better part of the last year and a half was spent putting a lot of energy into my old YouTube Channel. Projects such as Improv ThursDaze and AstroLoco were rough around the edges, but they were learning experiences for which I am truly grateful and proud. At this point, for a multitude of reasons, it is clear that my old channel has served its purpose. It is time to expand Shady Sun by using what I have built as a foundation to continue breaking through the barriers that stand in the way of illumination.

I have recently created a BRAND NEW Shady Sun YouTube Channel. Although I was reluctant to move on from what I spent so long cultivating, I needed the inspiration of a blank slate. Shady Sun’s potential is more limitless than ever, and even though it is being revamped, the goal is still to bring awareness to the masses.


My newest project is called #StarsAndSymbols. Astrology is great, and it was obviously my focus, but I was impelled to encompass a broader spectrum of occult imagery. This will be a learning experience for everyone, as we investigate and interpret icons of all sorts, familiar and unfamiliar. In life, we must follow all the signs, because the universe is constantly trying to tell us something. Continue reading

stars & symbols spa party [#SpaDayDiaries]

I mentioned in a previous Spa Day Diary that I was asked by the owner of the spa to host our next monthly Spa Party. Just about as soon as I was hired, I began to learn everyone’s signs and share as much astrological info as they would allow, which was appreciated by many of them. Looks like astrology is paying off, literally and figuratively.


All signs are pointing to the #StarsAndSymbols Spa Party! This is the beginning of something major. It’s only up from here for Shady Sun.

the gospel [#StarsAndSymbols]

Have you ever been ordered to deliver a divine word?

Think about all the instances in which you were used as a channel for someone else to view. How the audience perceives the program is out of your hands, even when the ratings are low and the show is slandered by vehement reviews. The critics have crucified you, so no one really cares if you are canceled.

Maybe your public service was misinterpreted, but the announcement was heard loud and alarming clear, rendering your mission accomplished.


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water damage [#ScrambledArt]

nothing infiltrates
and infuriates
prompts one to contemplate
the validity of a claim
that is potentially fraudulent
in every single way
like water damage

it’s there, but
nobody really sees it
if it’s not the tide on the beach
a crashing tidal wave or a tsunami
we fold mad ways like origami
drowning for days
in the deep end of a pool
tears fall like fools without grace
suspended in blue
like frozen waterfalls


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