friday the 13th [#StarsAndSymbols]

Between BEYONCÉArapahoe High, and a suddenly snowy Egypt, social media has been quite abuzz with the latest, greatest, most fatefully unexpected occurrences. While the circumstances du jour encompass the spectrum from pole to pole, there is no question that today has been quite sensational. Is it any wonder that it is Friday the 13th?


Ever wonder why 13 was considered unlucky? I mean, as a society we even go as far as to skip the 13th floor in high rise buildings (even though we all know the 14th floor is obviously the 13th in a tacky mustache-disguise). Oh, and since we’re questioning shit, why is it that 13 becomes a bitch on wheels when she falls on Friday? Friday, of all fucking days, gets a bad rap when paired with the number 13. What about Tuesday? Tuesday can be a pretty shitty day, worse than Monday to me. Tuesday is like turning 20; it’s just in the way, pointless. Friday is cool like last day of school! What’s the big idea superstition? Explain yourself!

Looks like it’s time to shine a light on the shadow like the Shady Sun!

Every day of the week has its own energy and attributes, as well as its own ruling planet. Friday is ruled by Venus, goddess of love, attraction & money (makes sense that this is the day most people get PAID).

Birth of Venus

Generally speaking, Friday is one of the most celebrated days of the week, as it represents the commencement of the coveted weekend. Like Venus, Friday is very well-received.

– FUN FACT: I was born on a Friday!

13, arguably the most simultaneously feared and revered number, is irrational, dark, and powerful. Whereas 12 is seemingly clean and perfect, 13 always finds a way to fuck shit up. For example, it is widely accepted that there are 12 zodiac signs, but there are 13 lunar cycles every year, so we invented the concept of the Blue Moon as an attempt to rationalize the 13th Full Moon and suppressed the knowledge of Ophiuchus, the now notorious 13th sign. 13 signifies the inexplicable, uncontrollable, asymmetrical energy that comes from left-field to remind you that anything can happen in this wild world.


So, you’re probably wondering… What does Friday [Venus] have to do with 13 [Luna]? Don’t be silly, this is the divine feminine energy of the cosmos at play! The fact that this powerful combination is considered unlucky is a testament to the patriarchal society of suppression in which we live. Some people are undoubtedly afraid of this day (we even associate it with a horror movie franchise), but there has to be a reason we go out of our way to avoid it. The same reason we avoid dealing with all things unpretty. It’s hard to swallow, and it damn sure ain’t easy. But it’s still there. It exists, in whichever form for you it arises.

There is so much more to be said on this, and said it will be, but for now I’ll leave it where it is. This shit doesn’t always have to make sense, so remember to embrace your crazy. Happy Friday the 13th!

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