coins flip: full moon in gemini [#StarsAndSymbols]

As much as my mind makes itself, my body can, in one minute maneuver of my mouth, manipulate existence beyond the boundaries of my most solid expectations. An abundance of confidence in my stance still cannot constrict the curious current that stimulates the very wires that keep me alive. I am connected to every facet of my spiritual being just as the fire is connected to the smoke that fills the air.

Are you aware of what I did there?

full moon over water at night

The Full Moon in Gemini [opposite, of course, the Sun (and Mercury) in Sagittarius] is exact at 4:28 AM EST early tomorrow morning, or should I say tonight?

However it is communicated, we all know the truth behind the words. Luna is feeling quite flexible right now, and as she illuminates both sides of the answers that our souls’ seek, we realize perspective is everything. As long as we remember that every coin can be flipped at the drop of a dime, it will not be hard to balance the expanded dualism of this opposition.

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