my best week: 1/5/2014 [#StarsAndSymbols]

I received a wonderful gift from one of my clients back in August. She gave me an unopened set of astrological divination cards [Astro Star Kards aka ASK], and I was instantaneously in love. I asked so many questions that I ran out of questions! Although my card usage seemed to wane once I ran out of mysteries to solve, I found a way to get more mileage out of these bad boys and that was to give myself a weekly reading.


Every Sunday I sit, shuffle, and ask myself, “how can I make this my best week?” I have decided to share my interpretations with anyone who is looking for guidance to navigate the next 7 days.

7 cards are pulled each week. I draw a single card from the planet, sign, and house decks, which provides me with the foundation of the answer to my question. For a more detailed reading I draw a card from the aspect deck, an indication of the level of easiness or difficulty I will experience. Finally, I draw yet another planet, sign, and house card, giving me the specification I need to know what to expect from the unique energy of the upcoming week.

There are many ways to interpret these cards, just as there many ways to interpret every symbol we come across. These are my interpretations and I encourage you to find your own and share them with me if you so desire. Regardless of your conclusion, why not make this your best week?



We will prosper this week if we learn to learn to give it up. Whatever it is, let it go. Release it. It has served it purpose. The first [planet] card I pulled was the South Node, which represents past lives, baggage, and other nouns that have worn out their welcome. The South Node represents what has been mastered, so holding on to it now is crutch of comfort and complacency, and frankly, it’s overkill at this point.

The second [sign] card is Capricorn, giving us a clue as to what needs to be relinquished. Fear, pessimism, and insecurity are the more stark characteristics of the Sea Goat [Happy Cappy Season, y’all!], so I’m focusing on the lower energy of this sign because it wouldn’t make sense to let go of something with a high vibration. After all, what is Capricorn if not sensible? Caution and doubt [Capricorn] could be holding us back [South Node] from achieving the aspiration in us that is represented by the antidotal North Node.

The third card I pulled was the 2nd House, and now we know this is a question of values and self-esteem. Tangible, physical possessions, even. The Capricorn and 2nd House cards were reversed, so the burden of limitation that we are bearing could be (and probably is) hidden in the deepest, darkest, murkiest waters of the subconscious mind, silently suppressing the god-given gifts we incarnated here to share.

Bring in the aspects!


I drew the dreaded square, which is not so bad when you embrace the tension of it all. When dealing with squares in astrology, we must allow the internal friction of what feels like gears grinding (and the manifestation of this energy in the form of external obstacles) to propel us forward, ambitiously and courageously. The square lets us know in the most plain language that this week won’t necessarily be easy, as we will try to overcompensate for the dissatisfaction that plagues us. On the flip side, this square will motivate us to do what we have to do. Squares go hard.


For a little more clarity, the last cards I drew were Mercury [mind], Aquarius [liberation], and the 5th House [creativity]. Basically, we want mental freedom because we are bored of processing the same old shit. This is a rebellion against that discouraging voice in our heads – and YES, as much as we’d like to project this mess onto other people, it’s all in US. New ideas are already being created, so naturally the ones we’ve held on to for so long as subliminally detrimental security blankets are fighting back in their own defense, resulting in an intense inner conflict.


It sounds exhausting, but it is as simple as the stars, really. All we have to do is change our minds! If we take the time this week to pinpoint the thoughts that are holding us back (writing, meditation, and even therapy help!) and make a conscious effort to toss them in the psychic waste bin, we will have made room for excitingly new nouns to take the place of the old dingy ones. It is not unlikely that we will experience confusion, so we’ll have to be aware in our interpretations of every sign, star, and symbol that we stumble upon. The more we connect to the uplifting excitement of our immediate and extended environment, the more confident we will be in what we have to offer as our life lens will be refreshed, opening us to stimulating conversations with those whom we already know as well exotic strangers.

Conflicting points of view can exist in the same ecosystem simultaneously, so why not exchange intellectually? It can actually be fun, foot-in-mouth moments and all! As awkward as misunderstandings and disagreements are, we can shift our cognition to accept them as beautiful learning lessons. Letting go of outdated modes of communication not only makes us feel better about our roles in society, it helps us to manage our time and resources in a more efficient way. Instead of wasting time Facebook stalking, we could use our social networks to connect constructively with the like-minded souls who are placed in our lives to help us to achieve our goals by inspiring fearless imagination and inciting playful innovation. A fresh approach yields fresh results! If we take responsibility for our interactions, naturally we will see our plans materialize as we will be impelled to share our best selves with the world at large, and all those nouns we have encountered that no longer belong will disappear into the distance.

No pressure, though. I promise 🙂


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