my best week: 1/12/14 [#StarsAndSymbols]

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Feeling stifled? This is the week to breakthrough those boundaries! Jupiter, known as the Greater Benefic, was the first card pulled. The biggest, grandest, most over the top planet, Jupiter evokes for me the legend of King Midas. Whatever we touch has the potential to turn to gold, and either way… everything will surely be expanded. This expansion is necessary, like a magnifying glass that makes it easier to see clearly the answers to those philosophical Jupiterian questions that are usually based upon law, moral beliefs, and faith in a higher power. Quality over quantity is a mantra to keep in mind when dealing with Jupiter, because it is almost too easy to take it too far. What exactly are we taking, you may ask?

“Relationships!” says the Libra and 7th House, which were the following cards. Libra is the sign that rules the 7th House, so they are essentially one in the same. Luxury, romance, and pleasure are paramount, so if the goal is to be at all productive, it is advisable to avoid laziness and/or overindulgence. There is a preoccupation with cooperation, diplomacy, and reaching an agreement of some sort. Whether it’s a romantic partnership, an up close & personal friendship, or a business arrangement, the ways in which we exchange are being called into question and it seems as though they are ripe for exploration. Shouldn’t be too hard to find something considering our interactivity is larger than life at this time.


With such big energy, we must strike a balance before we go overboard, because nobody but nobody likes to be shipwrecked. Makes sense that I pulled the opposition card as the aspect for the week. The opposition is like a tug of war, and if we allow ourselves be overcome by fighting against the force of either side, we will naturally suppress the other. The goal is not to fight, but to be the middle, or else fall victim to denial and projection [which happen to be 7th House/Libran themes]. Oppositions are challenging, because it feels as though there is always something in the way of our objectives, but they offer awareness of perspectives other than our own if we choose to be open to such experiences. [Coincidentally, there happens to be a Full Moon this Wednesday, which as you know is a Sun/Moon opposition, so a lot is being illuminated. What will be revealed? We’ll see!]


I don’t want to say we’re in too deep, but the last cards I drew were all watery in one way or another. The Moon [subconscious] is the ruling planet of Cancer, the first water sign of the Zodiac. Pisces [oneness] is the final sign of the Zodiac, also of the water element. The 8th House [intimacy] is ruled by Scorpio, which is most definitely a water sign. Water in astrology represents the realm of intuition and feeling; the 6th sense. On one hand our buoyant restlessness keeps us skimming the surface of social superficiality. On the other hand we have a deep desire to come a little closer to the truth that lies under the covers.


We are looking for involvement this week and all the wisdom it will provide us. Although it is way safer to stay afloat, we will find that the more we learn to relate honestly with others, the more difficult it will be to deny ourselves access to the more complex dimensions of our unions. Issues of trust, intimacy, and insecurity are being brought into our stream of consciousness, so this can be a touchy time all around. It’s confusing because one moment we’re super extroverted and relatively carefree, only to have escaped into brooding solitude the next. Distant memories of rejection and betrayal as well as other neuroses we’ve inherited still affect our behavior today, so it is much more comfortable for many of us to be closed off for fear of the vulnerability that comes with exposition, which is an obstacle that could get in the way if we are not ready and willing to confront our own darkness. This week is bubbling over with a dynamism that can be incredibly overwhelming, so it is important that we believe in process.

Joy and abundance are byproducts of sharing socially our innermost truths, as long as we remember that these truths, while valid, are subjective to the experience of our own individual realities. Unexpected, irrational outbursts could tip the scales past the point of no return if we keep our feelings bottled up for the sake of being “nice”, as we are likely to be overly concerned and incredibly in tune with the immediate emotional reactions of our significant others. In reality, these reactions are more of a reflection of us than anyone or anything else. We are all merely mirrors. Disagreements are bound to arise, and when they do, take them for what they are; lessons. Learn and apply them, compromise when need be, but try not to take them too personally. No matter how wronged we think we are, revenge is never the answer, as it only perpetuates the imbalance of unnecessary negativity.


If we begin to feel bogged down by the extreme circumstances, let’s choose embrace the bright side by using frustration to fuel creativity. This is an opportune time to enrich our familial bonds by coming together to redecorate the home or preserving sentimental memories in a collectively crafted scrapbook. Blessed with an eye for style and a natural sense of aesthetic harmony, we will benefit from revamping our wardrobe by investing in a few quality pieces that accentuate our inner beauty, or we could take the selfless approach and help a loved one pick out the perfect outfit for the perfect date. It is amazing what we can attract when we express ourselves artistically.

There is something extraordinary in each of us that is dying to be discovered so it is imperative to surround ourselves with those who bring out our best. One could argue that we are all here in this space with these people for a reason, and the reason is evident in the responses we elicit when we are generous enough to give and receive with no expectations. The knowledge of our spiritual selves is growth, freeing us from the ego’s limitations and encouraging us to dissolve the illusion of separation so that two once again becomes one in a beautiful synergy. The surrender of merging mind, body, and soul with another could provide the abstract answers we have been seeking. If we let down the walls of false security our quest for a fulfilling connection will lead us to the pot of gold at the end of the relationship rainbow.


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