backlit screens & full moon dreams [#ScrambledArt]

bored of keys, i go in blind, but my fingers find a way to play the perfect notes. my fingers punch figments of a fragmented alphabet and pray to god that the spell check’s broke. to rest my heart and clear my throat is a relief of the data on which i choke. i might not know where this post is going, but i’m online so i keep on stroking.

[… it’s not like stars know where they’re going. they simply go. they revolve and they orbit and sometimes they float. they go on in space til ages end, can they feel when they’re opposed? even though they’re close, i think they may have gone too far…]

how hard must one be pushed to cause a reconfiguration? a defected bit of software shines a light on installation errors. resolution tries to process but get lost in computations.

need a vacation from your backlit screen, but your pull is strong for sure. my world revolves around you, yes you make me feel secure. sadly our update will not download because we can’t take anymore.


i think we’re broke.

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