venus retrograde: possession [#StarsAndSymbols]

at what point does what we own begin to own us? how does a possession simply adopt the audacity to possess its owner? all that is not presently appreciated has the ability to depreciate our sense of self-esteem…

we have all we need and them some, so it is surely a sin to let anything go to waste. to embrace what is in our grasp or to give it away is the decision we must make, lest we be greedy and succumb to the insecurity of the hoarder. that which we believe to be held sometimes has a hold on us. naturally, when we are too scared to take out the trash, the smell of garbage will fill the air. why should we be afraid to let go when we have always had all that is required?

this what i have been feeling since venus has been retrograde. as you already know, venus [the goddess of love] clues us into our relations with other people, the give and the take (or lack thereof?), how we share our stuff (physical and non-physical). all of this, of course, is determined by what we hold close to our hearts, our values. venus is what we enjoy, what is pleasurable, what is entertaining, what we attract based on what we have to offer. when venus appears to be moving backward in her retrograde is when we are consumed by circumstances that call for us to (metaphorically and/or literally) clean out our closets.

venus is retrograde in capricorn, the sign of ambition, discipline, and responsibilities, also known as the father of the zodiac. we are learning not only how to work on/around/with what we love, but how to work it well, and to discard anything in excess. as much as we would like to put everything in its proper place, some shit simply refuses to fit. if it’s in the way, don’t trip – kick it to the curb! unorganized inefficiency is not cute.

if we insist on keeping this stuff in our lives, we owe it to ourselves to at least be creative in our ownership. there is no excuse to let our resources sit and rot and take up valuable space when they can be put to constructive use, even if that means applying our artistic talents to give life to a renewed and improved version of The Thing Formerly Known as Trash. all we have is who we are, but until we OWN that beautiful little truth, we will never be able to feel what is missing.


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