aquarius new moon: distance’s chance [#StarsAndSymbols]

everywhere i go i see the same old riot. it would be too easy to up and leave and let the wind blow me away, but i know i’ll end up looking at a different face in a similar place. there’s no use for a revolution if the change is not my own.

liberation is my intention and so i am free. oppression is the only casualty, except i’m not fighting it on the outside. the war is within. it won’t be hard to win because i’m done defending myself against the enemies of my imagining. i’m staging a rebellion. yes, it is finally happening.

i’m tired of taking it personally, so i’m beginning to embrace the distance. i will listen to listen and avoid the impaired vision of the automated reply. i was conditioned to strike back against a perceived attack rooted in the incidents of upbringing. my heart has been stringing along the truth that was hidden, and it’s time to unpack it.

the new moon in aquarius [exact thursday, january 30th in the eastern afternoon] is a chance to distance ourselves from the entrapment of attachment to the lower vibrations into which we so often settle. when the sun [conscious self-expression] and the moon [subconscious mind] meet up in the same degree of the same sign, our needs and our wants align to create the singularity that we need to bring something to life that did not previously exist.

with such concentrated energy, subjectivity is something to watch for when the sun is in conjunction with the moon, but this time around the luminary bodies are residing in the emancipated sign of aquarius. the water-bearer’s only wish is to make the world a better place by rising above feelings of pettiness. the more we focus on the world as it is aside from our biased baggage, the more we will awaken to the highest versions of ourselves. we have the strength and support to detach from the egotistical and emotional over-identification that stunts our growth. as always with the new moon, if we visualize and vocalize our intentions, they will be realized by the subsequent full moon.

it’s not you, it’s me. that is all i need you to see. now you know why i was not so objective, although it doesn’t take a detective to understand the reason.

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