my best week: 2/2/14 [#StarsAndSymbols]

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“aphrodite lady seashell bikini, garden panty… VENUS!” the sensual Goddess of Love is setting the mood. the focus is an equal balance of “me” and “you”, considering venus represents the feminine principle of accommodation. the give and the take, the attraction and the repulsion, the have and the have not; all venusian. meeting someone halfway in some sort of rendezvous is highly likely. i also pulled the 7th house, which is associated with venus, so there is no doubt that the exchange of partnership is paramount.

spiritual is pisces, the next card pulled. all things unseen, the things of our dreams and nightmares and illusions, are all piscean. the fish represent the universal oneness that connects us all like an invisible network of heartstrings. impressionable and compassionate, pisces heals other people by absorbing their negativity. selflessness, while obviously admirable, can overwhelm, and sometimes all we want to do is get away. try as we might, it is not easy to escape this sphere of existence (beware of indulgence in addictive substances!) and the burden of the outside energy we may feel obliged to assume. like a lifejacket for the sinking, it may feel like we’re struggling just below the surface, trying desperately to stay afloat.


i guess we didn’t get enough of the inconjunct last week, because the bitch is back! this aspect is not so bad really, as long as we’re open to alteration. there is a chance that what has worked for us in the past is no longer our best bet. to put it simply, we can’t keep swimming the way we’ve been swimming, because sooner of later we’re going to hit a concrete wall and find out what we thought was a boundless ocean was really only an olympic-sized pool.


last but not least… neptune, capricorn, and the 5th house. as the ruling planet of pisces, neptune tunes us in to the collective unconscious. capricorn, on the other hand, is strictly business. “if it is not identified by the 5 senses, it isn’t real,” says the sea goat. meanwhile, the 5th house [in association with play-fiend Leo], is making fun of this dichotomous debacle. all jokes aside, there is a serious question coating our tongues like saliva…


how can we be socially responsible when our hearts yearn heavy for the safe haven of solitude? we must come together to facilitate mutual healing! recognizing the deep-rootedness of all pain and disappointment is the first step to forgiving the past, enabling us to share our gift selflessly in the present. “what gift?” some may be asking. the gift of intuition, my friends. the tide is high and we are riding the wave of the metaphysical. the treasure may be hidden from plain sight, but sometimes we must go blind in order to see what’s been in front of us the whole time. it may take plenty of private time to tap into these high vibrations, but after experiencing the cleansing rejuvenation of seclusion, we will have the clarity to uplight the world once again with our wise insights. meditation, yoga, journaling, drawing, and salt baths are just a few ways we can center ourselves.

once we use our other-worldly awareness to refine ourselves internally, the possibility of self-improvement will radiate from the inside out, giving hope to the people with whom we associate. there is no point in trying to change others, but we can rest assured that shining our brightest light will inspire others to do the same. even the most doubtful skeptics can be persuaded by results, so it pays to lead by example. giving practical advice to those in need helps us to make sense of our interactions and endows us with a purpose of which to be proud.


it would be naive of us to think that everyone is open to such introspection, so expect to be met with resistance by those who refuse to view the truth through any lens other than their rose-colored prescriptions. to withhold the opinion of the issues we observe is an option, but if we are confident enough in our creativity, we can come up with ways to express ourselves as (subliminally) tactfully as possible to ensure the reception of the messages we are sending. external circumstances are mirrors that reflect the same frequency we (unconsciously?) emit, and therefore they help us to adjust the according. when we feel frustrated by what seems like impenetrable defensiveness in others, this may be a sign to check ourselves. as we begin to hold ourselves accountable for things that “happen to” us, we will start to strive for the ideal of integrity, and our faith in favorable consequences will be renewed by the law of karma.

we all want to be known and respected for the success of our societal contributions, but it must commence on a smaller scale, in the context of our personal relationships. how artful we are in our dealings determines the pleasure we derive from being divinely diplomatic. if we believe in our own authority to enhance the quality of life for everyone, we can use our talents to craft the most magically balanced life that anyone could imagine. the purifying peacefulness of our dispositions will be reciprocated by all the appreciative people and the universe itself. this week we are realizing that nothing is more rewarding than watching blessings fall from above like drops of rain only to evaporate and pour again.


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