my best week: 3/2/14 [#StarsAndSymbols]

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no matter how grown we may be or how adult we become, life is an eternal elementary school. there is always something new to learn. mercury, personified as the messenger god hermes in greek mythology, is the fastest moving planet in our solar system, as well as an astrological representation of our intellectual swiftness. the lower mind is mercury [in correspondence with the 3rd House], the function of which is to accumulate information in order to learn the basics of any and every subject. here, there, and everywhere, mercury represents the back and forth of short distance travel, and the quick connections we make as we move about the neighborhood. learning goes hand in hand with teaching, so it is helpful to articulate skillfully if we expect the messages we send to be successfully received.

the classroom was not the only place that educated us. recess is where we studied the art of play and imagination. the inner child of the zodiac, leo is fulfilled by fun and games. pushing the boundaries of the creative will is the way that this sign shines and stands out from the crowd as a special being. because a performer can’t draw inspiration from an empty house, leo needs an audience that will shower it with attention and admiration, but we must first fall in love with our own glow before we can radiate the warmth of a true star. the world doesn’t revolve around an unsure sun, so why not live as gloriously as possible? it feels fabulous to be center stage, but sharing the spotlight is always appreciated. after all, everyone is entitled to the occasional VIP treatment. let’s not act like we never learned how to take turns.


it is more than possible to exchange mentally with the ones we love, but we have to adjust our approach. the inconjunct is the sacrifice we must make to solve the problem and pass the test. even the most brilliant scholars have to sift through the scores of information at their disposal to devise an appropriately concise thesis. otherwise they would be overwhelmed by facts and figures, rendering trivial all they know. to remain in a place of self-conscious cognitive wavering or to move toward authoritative mindfulness? the decision is ours to make based on the vitality of our logic.


intelligence may be what measured by what we know, but wisdom comes with the application, as we connect the seemingly disparate dots to form the big picture we envision. conceptual jupiter pieces together the tidbits to give ascertain the abstract, which endows us with a sense of faith, freeing us from the dead-end of doubt. we all have a dark side, and sometimes we allow ourselves to be controlled by the insecurity of unseen forces, even if on a subconscious level. although it can be ugly, scorpio is passionate about penetrating the depths to shine a light on the shadow. as we transform, our internal shift is reflected in the like-minded associations of the 11th House, as the collective is affected by each and every individual.


just like sitting next to your best friend on the school bus, nothing feels better than being around a group that enjoys each other’s company. it is uplifting to not to need permission to express oneself, and sometimes we all need to be surrounded by the ones who reassure and reaffirm our light with the encouragement of their own brightness. having a diverse band of beloveds that shares similar interests ignites curiosity amongst friends that is sure to inspire an abundance of journeys, both physical and metaphysical, as well as a strong bond.

as we encounter and integrate new experiences into our consciousness, it is likely that at some point we will face a trauma or 2. we develop different defense mechanisms to cope with the more challenging realities, but in trying to protect ourselves, we run the risk stunting our own growth and closing ourselves off from the perceived danger of ego-threatening intimacy. odds are if we feel ostracized or ignored, we are distancing ourselves due to the energy we are emanating, almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. on the outside looking in, it is all too easy to envy the accomplishments and popularity of other people. this is a symptom of less than stellar self-esteem, and while we’re busy lusting after the grass that seems to grow greener on the other side, we could be focused on fostering a front lawn of our own origination.

regardless of what we have been through, we have the power to expand past the self-destructive tendencies that trigger feelings of isolation and social withdrawal. having the courage to confront the cause of our wounds is necessary if we wish to experience the joyful camaraderie of belonging to a community. as much as it hurt to be picked last in that gym class flag football league draft, there is a sense of humor to be found in even the most unpleasant circumstances of the past. these altering situations are the very moments that made us as strong as we are today, and we grow only when we recognize and accept them as such. besides, someone else will eventually want us to be on their team and we’re just as valuable either way.


practice makes perfect, so if we have no confidence in our communications with those closest to us, this week is the week to do the homework AND the extra credit. whether we forgot or we simply never knew, we will all benefit from taking a master class on contactual personalization and heart-based interactions. as we begin to experiment with and truly comprehend the excitement of the collaborative process, what we create will reinforce our resolution to be major and matriculate beyond the restraint of the mundane. if that weren’t reward enough, we might just receive a gold star for all our hard work.


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