4 sided figure [#ScrambledArt]

born on the edge of a square i was

sharp as a razor indeed

touched by an angle at 90 degrees

punctured beyond the point of a shape

distinguishable and basic are 2 adjectives

but they do not describe or comprise my being

steadfast is my preference and still i strive

i’d give it all for the predictability of peace

although it seems like i get a rise out of earthquakes

it is surely because the way my foundation is laid

says i’m made to withstand the gravest chaos

built to last through bad circumstance due to my past

and the role the rigid inner friction of my youth played

the cold hearted killer called truth was my conditioner

bulletproofed vest so they can’t penetrate or procure

the nest i built within my boundaries is secure


blessed be

this 4 sided figure

through which every trigger

is endured

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