the edge of realization: cardinal grand cross [#StarsAndSymbols]

one minute the gears are grinding at an alarming speed, the next minute they have come to a screeching halt. one false move and the whole apparatus could implode. with all this starting and stopping and suddenness of movement, it is impossible to anticipate what exactly will happen next. i guess it’s best that we expect the unexpected. or maybe we should not to expect anything at all. realistically speaking, how can one accurately anticipate something that has never before been experienced? one can surely try, but it will be hard. there is an increasing uneasiness that many of us are feeling the world over due to a seemingly insurmountable inner friction, but instead of stressing, i suggest we channel this rigid anxiety productively to manifest success.

hitting snooze too many times because you drank too much at your best frenemy’s housewarming party the night before only to get pulled over for speeding on the expressway en route to work knowing damn well you were supposed to open today and you’ve already been late 2 times in the past week and you just hope the car doesn’t still smell like yesterday’s hotbox… that’s what this COULD feel like.


no pressure, but truth of the matter is that we are on the brink of an epic conflict, and “easy” is not a befitting adjective. this may sound intimidating, but before we retreat into defense mode thinking others are out to get us, we must recognize that this battle exists within us. our internal struggle may be triggered by outside influences, but these are just projections. taking responsibility for our actions in relationships and owning up to our external circumstances are necessary to reclaim our personal power, not to mention the difference between steering the ship and playing passenger to another captain. it is urgently imperative to remember that although we may be fighting against the world, the same war, the very source of our outward ambition, is being waged within. the moment we accept this as a cross to bear, regardless of its heaviness, is the moment that motivation to win will overcome us.


for the astrology/astronomy that comprises the CARDINAL GRAND CROSS, please revisit my previous post. this one is for the laymen and laywomen alike. you don’t have to be a metaphysical afficianado to feel all these feels.

– swami


whether or not we crumble under the duress of so-called hard times is our choice.  challenge is beautiful, despite the insecurities it can trigger, because it provides the inspiration of a worthy opponent. every now and then we need an adversary to expose our weaknesses and provoke growth. this is a cosmic sign that we need to step our collective game up by strengthening the shaky foundation on which we stand, lest the whole infrastructure as we know it collapses. dilapidation will implode at some point or another, but we always walk away with the knowledge of what went wrong, and that is why the most magical part of destruction is the process of rebuilding.

skipping out on free vip bottle service at the grand opening of the new nightclub to pull an all-nighter for the midterm paper on thoreau you should’ve started a month ago for the american philosophy class that is somehow a graduation requirement only to find your laptop has died when you get back from emptying your bladder of a generic and possibly dangerous 5-hour energy rip-off (what irregular heartbeat?) before you had a chance to save the document that happens to be due in 2 hours but is now nonexistent… that’s what this COULD feel like.


what we materialize in this moment is born out of extremely meticulous execution, and as long as no corners are cut, it will undoubtedly endure the test of time. sure, the tension is tangible, but those of us who are driven to win will use any angst that we experience as fuel for the attainment of goals. in order maintain some sort of constancy in this tumult, it is advisable to have an objective. when normalcy is inundated by the shock of a tempestuous thunderstorm, focusing on an end result helps to keep us from being drowned out. there is an abundance of energy at our disposal, but instead of allowing it to swallow us whole, let’s find a creative outlet to control it (or to harness it at the very least). how better to measure development than the reward of a solid product?

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