an orgasmic opportunity: my best week [#MyBestWeek]

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 3.46.03 AM

this is the moment for which we have been waiting. this is the reason rappers make it rain and the athletes train, something like the olympics. so without further delay, after all this anticipation, let’s get it on! the mars card speaks with great urgency on animalistic impulse, namely that which arouses us to mobility in one instantaneous moment. this planet, revered (and sometimes feared) as a the god of war, is an archetype of singular, phallic focus and is extremely direct to the point of provocation. out of an innumerable amount of past pursuits, we all have that 1 Thing that got us trippin and slippin and freakin out (What Would Amerie Do?) because we want it so badly.

what has been driving us even crazier is the fact that this operation is covert. we have sworn ourselves to secrecy because some battles are better won behind the veil of visibility. scorpio knows that the element of surprise is an essential part of power, and there nothing more shocking than the revelation of previously withheld information. a sneak attack is a foolproof way to kill prey, so why would we broadcast our business? our actions have been bold and based in desire, but we’ve kept under wraps for so long that has grown entirely too hard to hide the evidence of our excitement.

it is not yet ours, but we can already feel it in the palms of our hands, gripping it as if it belongs to us. possession begins in the mind before it becomes real and we have been preparing ourselves for pleasure, making room in our space to take it all in. the 2nd house is indicative of what we own, both material and nonmaterial, in accordance with our system of values and interests of leisure. the luxury of lust is in the consciousness-shifting sensuality of its experience, and as long as we take our time to do it right, our perception of pleasure will last forever like the fruit of the most deeply rooted tree. if we can subdue our appetites for a little bit longer, until the opportunity is ripe for the taking, then the victory will be worth every moment we waited.

after strategizing in secret for god knows how long, the conquest is finally upon us, and it will be so sweet. we are being presented with the divinely ordered opportunity to seize what is rightfully ours. the sextile is encouraging, like a helping hand for those who have put in the work and wish to see results. everything has led us to this very moment and if we choose to accept it, the forces of natures will assist us as we advance past the limitations that have kept us oppressed to transcend the fleeting ego for the infinity of the orgasm. although this climax has taken ages, we must claim it before someone else snatches it up.

we have believed it, so now it will come to be. neptune rules the dimensions unseen and the abstract reality of our dreamscape. it takes faith to envision a favorable prospect, and sagittarius has it in abundance, not to mention the confidence and enthusiasm to aim at that target, especially if it’s out of sight and just a little over the horizon. although the process can be physically taxing and spiritually draining, the sexy 8th house pay off reminds us why we invested so much effort in the first place.

the stealthy tenacity of passion has brought us this far so we can’t turn around now. we have stepped past the point of no return, the danger zone, and we have no choice but to walk the walk. the fantasy was so hot it hurt, but this is the real deal, and the feeling will be distorted by those who seek the protection of gloves. the boundary that has been keeping us from the object of our love and ardor is dissolving and as it drips away we come face to face with the spastic crescendo of our own creation, the benefits of which will be inherited once we find the courage to surrender control and trust in the thrust and throb of the cosmos to infiltrate us with the spirit of victory until it overflows like a triumphant revelation from every orifice imaginable.

this week is the commencement of our existence in the beautiful suspense of la petite mort as we have penetrated past the limitation of stimulation. the courtship is over and fate has facilitated us in the perfect engagement. our journey’s destination is one of carnal satiation and it is located appropriately at pleasure’s highest peak.

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