mars direct in libra: collaboration indignation [#StarsAndSymbols]

i meant to post this thing on monday, but sometimes it’s good to wait.

good news for those who have grown tired of holding their horses. mars, god of war and our astrological impulse to do something, resumed direct motion earlier this week. since march, mars has apparently been moving backward in an earthbound optical illusion we call a retrograde. the function of mars is inverted when it is retrograde so that instead of pursuing our conquests directly, we choose to reflect and deliberate and even take a step back to assess the best method of attack, perhaps as a result of self-doubt. there is no problem with thinking before we act, but when instincts are not honored as urgently as they arise, we risk missing out on the moment and remaining in a place of immobility. in the words of every madonna song (seriously, she’s lyrically impatient), “no hesitating!”

with mars retrograde in libra, the probability of us getting stuck on fences is exacerbated. mars rules aries, libra’s polar opposite sign, so mars in libra feels relatively uncomfortable expressing its passionately aggressive desires as our energy is focused on striking a pleasant balance with our peers. for the past few months, many of us have felt agitated by people we consider equals (lovers, friends, business partners, open enemies), and while disagreements have forced us to accost our issues other people, mars’ retrograde motion in addition to libra’s influence suggests a facade of niceness that has masked the outburst of the contemptuous feelings that have been smoldering just below the surface. in other words, because of retrograde mars’ debilitation in the sign of the scales, it is likely that passive aggression has won out over the direct expression of anger. ready to explode?


after months of being diplomatic in the face of adversity, indignant at injustice but afraid to ruffle feathers but it is time to move decisively forward. even as mars stations and starts to move forward, its placement in libra still calls for a compromise. we must fight for our right to balance what is conflicted, even if it means upsetting someone else. we can’t always be liked, and as long as we are being objectively fair, we are justified in our actions. we’ve spent enough time weighing our options, don’t you know. now’s the time to launch the joint venture, initiate the creative collaboration, to take that relationship to the “next level”. this is the time to stop biting our tongues and have that conversation with that special somebody, to clear the air or to establish our points of view to be heard and considered by the people with whom we (are forced or choose to) cooperate. all interactions are brimming with energy right now, and it is up to us to channel it combatively or use the collective enthusiasm to drive us toward a shared end.

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