refine my mind: 6/8/14 [#MyBestWeek]

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 3.46.03 AM

The potential to maximize this week lies in the efficiency and effectiveness of our cognitive processes. Focusing on the improvement of our mental faculties will yield the results that will assist us in realizing our highest potential. The way we think, the way we transmit messages, the way we make sense of and apply what we learn affects us personally, as well as those with whom we come in contact, so it is in our best interest to fix what we find to be faulty in regards to our systems of information.


It’s not just about the collection of data, but what we do with it. We must sift through the sea of fun facts to discern what is useful and what is not so that we can make our minds work for us instead of against us, as an inundation of pointless information makes it harder to arrive at any given destination. The decisions we make will be strengthened by the power of common sense as long as we think critically and pay analytical attention to the minute details that determine whether an idea is helpful or harmful. This is the week to pique our brains, break them down and build them back up again better than they were before. As we get into the mindset of cerebral self-improvement, we must consciously avoid harsh criticism and nitpicking, and opt instead to embody the mental purification that will inspire people within the community to communicate in the simplest, most holistically practical way.


As skilled as we may be at exercising self-control in our communications, other people may come at us in what seems to be a caustic combativeness. This is a test of patience and character, but shooting the messenger is not conducive to the maturation process. Let’s practice receiving objectively all types of information, regardless of how it makes us feel, so that we can extract and integrate the lesson that is meant to be delivered. What we harvest is our sustenance. The rest is garbage, so we can let that go.


Setting boundaries of the mind serves to refine our mental energies with precision and clarity. When extraneous psychological debris is discarded, we clear the way for the emergence of genuine sentiment in our social exchanges. Sharing our innermost emotional experiences publicly will propel us to the next level of existence if we are courageous enough create a constructive and responsible medium of expression that aligns uniquely with the entirety of our being, such as writing fantastically imaginative fiction to resolve real life resentment or uplifting troubled youth as a super-relatable motivational speaker. Maybe this is the chance to connect with a coworker to initiate an ambitiously collaborative new business venture, fueled by the frustrations of (and the wisdom acquired by) working under incompetent management in the corporate world, that circulates money back into the neighborhood and establishes a sense of aspiration in the children patrons who identify optimally with the influence of entrepreneurs who appear to be culturally familiar.


Regardless of who we were before, we are being cast in refreshingly attractive light, evidence that other people appreciate and resonate with the quality of openhearted authenticity. The more approachable we are, the more we will be approached by those with similar stories, some of whom may respect us enough to invest in and foster our creative development as it pertains to our careers. As the intentions of our thoughts, both spoken and silent, become more selfless and service-oriented, we will surely start to recognize and build on the ascendant new beginnings that are forming before our very eyes.

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