dare to deviate: 6/22/14 [#MyBestWeek]

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 3.46.03 AM

on one hand, we are relatively comfortable navigating the familiar terrain of our everyday environments. we know, for the most, what to expect and how to respond. the people who surround us immediately, friends, family, neighbors and classmates have shaped us in ways we don’t even readily realize. the impressions that have been left on us have impacted us subconsciously so that our behavior is a direct result of the communities in which we were raised. every now and then we are shaken up by changing tides, but we learn to go with the flow as it always leads us back to what we know. there’s no place like home. it’s nice here.


on the other hand, there is excitement in confronting the occult. we are experiencing a pang of curiosity that is compelling us to rove around the perimeters of the shadiest abysses until we “accidentally” slip in and lost in a deviant wonderland. it’s like something is daring us to dive into the depths of darkness and the only way to silence this challenge over which we obsess is to accept it. the problem is the risk we assume if we wander away from the security of our neighborhoods into uncharted territory. imagine the people we would meet? would they even speak the same language or will this exchange be way too foreign for our tastes? nobody likes the strife of a miscommunication, but hey… there are always translators!


if there is some sort of extraneous or unwelcome stimulation that makes it hard to concentrate on the attainment of comfort, we must look within. it is more than likely we are projecting our own emotional restlessness externally. the key is use the intuitive discernment of our psychological perceptions to pinpoint our issues so that the process of healing can begin by balancing the disparate aspects of our beings. we may feel like we’re being pulled in two ways at once, but it is possible to reconcile this conflict if we learn to incorporate all of our urges in a way that synthesizes our strengths and ameliorates our weaknesses with the awareness of what we lack in one-sidedness. we are creatures of habit, but also multi-faceted, so why not embrace the unbridled surprise of self-discovery? the varied novelties that we encounter on the outside are reflections of our internal awakening as we discover that which laid previously dormant beyond the outer limits of the NO TRESPASSING sign of our unconscious minds. let’s go there.


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