multitask mastery: 7/20/14 [#MyBestWeek]

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 3.46.03 AM

two hands are required to keep up a juggling act, so it is best that we pray for dexterity this week. after all, nobody wants to known as the one who dropped the ball, especially if that ball happens to be plural. that would just be a mess, wouldn’t it?

the development of expansive concentration will prove to be beneficial. when trying to cope with the madness of multiplicity, we can strengthen our attention to the small stuff by infusing it with the higher mind of awareness. that way we are able to focus on the task at hand without being blindsided by that thing that has been creeping on us from behind to topple the balance we worked so hard to strike. most of don’t have eyes in the backs of our heads, but we can still turn around every now and then to check up on all sides.


duplicity raises the question of truth. when doubt and faith are conjoined, it becomes increasingly difficult to decipher what is actually happening, therefore it’s risky to be respond proactively to sticky situations because our zealous troubleshooting could be founded upon a misconstrued issue of our own ill-perception. a singular new phase of our lives could be conceived from these dualistic circumstances, but only if we are alert in the present and remain simultaneously two steps ahead of everyone, including ourselves. when there are options, it is imperative that we choose carefully, as the choice we make will determine the trajectory of the future.


we will also encounter the harsh realization of polarity with people whose opinions and points of view differ from  the ones we claim. differences in perspective can be frustrating, especially when both parties are steadfast in the verbalization of respective stances, but there is a wealth of “know thy self” to be gained from these apparent disagreements. it is not until we are so obviously confronted with what seems like irreconcilable diversity that we truly come into a greater, more profound state of self-recognition. to reach this point, though, we will likely be forced to sublimate the aggressive impulses of the easily offended ego and use that same energy instead to pursue the esoteric meaning of these provocative connections. to overcome the irritation that occurs when our ideas are challenged, we must make sure our actions come from a place of forgiving compassion and nonjudgmental curiosity, whether we are making peace with others or ourselves, rather than quick-triggered offense. as long as our every motion is in alignment with the oneness of spirit, there is no wrong move to be made. let’s allow intuition to take the lead.


the maturation of our identities depends on the exploration of duality in our immediate environment. we face the possibility of being overwhelmed by the revelation of a previously hidden flip-side to something or someone we thought we knew so well, but we must trust in these little tests with which we are faced and believe that with each one we ace, we are one step closer to the establishment of personal excellence. in order to reach the peak of high esteem or quality craftsmanship, we must have a solid understanding of what we are here to do and who we are here to be, and sometimes all it takes to make sense of our place is the relatively of time and space.

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