a king without crowd: leo new moon [#StarsAndSymbols]

let’s make this quick because there are other things i am “supposed” to be doing.

geocentrically speaking, when the sun and moon come together in the same sign up in that big blue sky of ours, we call it a conjunction. instead of functioning as two separate spheres of energy, they’re fused together into one singular astrological entity. this is called the new moon.

astronomically speaking, the new moon in leo is exact tomorrow, saturday july 26 @ 6:42 pm EST. of course, many of us are feeling it now. hell, some of us have felt it all week. the sun is the core essence of our being, what makes one unique and individual from other people, our personhood if you will. the moon is the intuitive response to the vibes one receives from one’s environment based on one’s sense of security and need for comfort. solar energy is externally expressed, while lunar energy is an internal process, but right now they are indistinguishable. the conscious and subconscious parts of ourselves are united at this time. with such undivided focus, we have the potential to instigate the change we need to initiate the next chapter of our unwritten autobiographies. as previously mentioned, this new moon is in leo, the sign that lives to recreate the world in its image, so the idea that we are the protagonist of some imaginary story isn’t entirely farfetched.

with the sun and moon together in leo, we have a burning desire to stand out and be praised. for the gratification of ego [sun] and the satisfaction of emotion [moon], we demand attention, which means that the element of drama is to be anticipated. leo the lion is the king of the jungle which ensures a certain level of admiration and applause (or else!). larger than life jupiter in leo turns this sun-moon conjunction into a ménage à trois, amplifying the already insatiably over-the-top new moon. jupiter, the bigger planet in our solar system, is known to expand anything it touches. let’s hope we all find our own opportunities to be in the spotlight, or else our inner lions will roar in the worst way, devastated that they were given common treatment.

it is important to note that leo is ruled by the sun, so “the world revolves around me” syndrome could be something to keep at bay. tempers will flare when we feel we are not given the VIP treatment, especially considering mars in scorpio is making a tense square [90 degree angle] aspect to the new moon. mars, the great warrior god, wants to lead its army to victory and claim the top spot as the victor, and in scorpio, this desire is passionate and obsessive, life or death. since this is a square, it may not be a little bit harder to win the war and be worshipped than we once expected.


emotions are on red alert and our reactions are likely to be blown out of proportion, especially because everyone is taking everything extremely personally. the sun represents authority figures and mars represents conflict, so the hostility we are experiencing internally may be externally directed to someone who we perceive to be in a position of superiority over us, like an officer, an employer, or even a parent. before we act on every angry impulse and power play, there is something that we must acknowledge. any struggle we face is the result of the friction we feel inside that is manifesting on the outside. we create our reality and the purpose of any difficulty is to strengthen our foundations so that we can build solid structures in our life through the powers of endurance, experience, and efficiency. 90 degree angles [squares] are called complementary, which means they are meant to perfect, so take it slow and know that sustained pressure creates diamonds (or is that just something we tell ourselves to boost self-esteem?).

we may find that the more we try to control outside influences, the more frustrated and fired up we will be. manipulation only works when it works, and when it doesn’t, we will drive ourselves mad with raging resentment. we’ve got to get to the bottom of why we have creating this emotional melodrama in which we are playing the lead role. when are muster the courage to confront our deeply ingrained behavioral issues and dead them once and for all, then we can redirect these show-stopping compulsions of ours more constructively. instead of subconsciously instigating fights to compensate for the lack of excitement, we can challenge ourselves to conquer the egotistical neuroses and self-imposed limitations of our childhood conditioning that have kept us from acting on our ambitions.

by accepting that we are all artists and life is nothing but a masterpiece in the making, we shift our intentions from trying to draw a crowd to creating something crowd-worthy that will provoke the responses we have been seeking. let’s allow ourselves to play without worrying what anyone else will say! this is our chance to galvanize our creative processes with the pent up aggression and angst that was previously unexpressed and destructively insidious. part of growing beyond the karmic grip of the past is learning from the chaotic situations we have repeatedly faced. as others witness our journey from moment to moment, the simultaneous impact that we make will be effortlessly achieved and awesome enough to warrant a whole chapter of our future best-sellers.

now, that wasn’t as quick as i intended, but this is who i am and this what i am supposed to be doing.

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