the ego, unstroked: aquarius full moon [#StarsAndSymbols]

an unstroked ego wreaks havoc all around town, tearing down long standing structures just to elicit a reaction, because any attention is gratifying. the rush it receives from creating oppressive spectacles is fleeting and only leaves it wanting more, as its insatiable life force is dependent upon the approval of the community and its constituents. what the ego fails to realize is that it is not entitled to the spotlight or any type of special treatment, so it may be rudely awakened as its self-interested efforts are thwarted. if the intention of the self does not beneficial the greater good or align with the divine purpose of the spirit, then it will never build. it will only destroy.


when more is demanded than delivered, then the universe will find a way to restore balance, and that is where this full moon [exact august 10, 2014 @ 2:09 EST] comes into play. with the energy generating sun in leo, the sign it rules, the emphasis on expression, identification, and recreation are exacerbated and in need of a bit of objectivity. the ultra-intuitive full moon in aquarius, leo’s opposite sign, lends us the lucidity we need to step outside of ourselves and clarify any interpersonal issues. it can be a challenge to elevate above the expectations of the ego when our the fixation of our will power is as strong as it is, but we will surely meet resistance if we try too hard to manifest something that is not meant to be, especially if it’s function is self-serving as opposed to collectively benevolent. as the full moon directly opposes the sun, the functions of these luminary bodies are at odds above us and within us, so it is likely that we are being pulled in two completely separate directions, vacillating from selfish to selfless and back again.

because it wouldn’t be a struggle if the taskmaster weren’t present, saturn in scorpio is forming a rough around the edges t-square to the full moon [and sun]. saturn is restrictive and limiting, leaving us emotionally stark when in rough aspect to the receptive moon. in aspect to the sun, saturn can devastate our self-esteem, putting us in our place so to speak. saturn is tough enough without it squaring personal planets, so this full moon may feel particularly bleak. we must remember that it’s purpose, if we choose to step up and face it, is to get us in touch with reality and, with a little disciplined practicality, manipulate this material world so that order is established and security is provided to society as well as self. saturn is also the planet that represents status, so we may be hungry for accolades or acclaim, but to win without hard work is blind luck. true success is built on concentrated effort and patient ambition. if our resolve was weak in the past, this may be the moment we overcome our mental obstructions to reveal the reserve of inner strength we have living within. when we are focused on producing quality results, there is no time to worry about who’s watching or what they think, because not everything we share will be received and that is okay. it’s amazing what can be built with the burden of the gravity bearing down on us like a thousand boulders, so we can either use it or lose it.

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it’s not all heavy, though. the full moon trines the aspirational north node in libra, which gives us an instinctual, albeit subconscious, knowledge of the zeitgeist. we may find it incredibly easy to follow the path of favorability, and our partnerships with women could prove profitable. the trine indicates extreme easiness and the north node craves the material gain, so we could end up taking our blessings for granted by overindulging in senseless pleasures or being plain ungrateful. with a social sextile to uranus in aries, we will be presented with many opportunities to shake off the shackles that keep us mentally entrapped and access the higher realms of universal consciousness. this newfound awareness is likely to be prompted by the arrival of a some distant associate with whom we are connected by a network of mutual friends or an entirely strange new person who communicates an experimental idea that broadens our awareness. it is important to our progress that we pay attention to the messages that are being transmitted [mercury the messenger god, conjunct the sun in leo, is also opposing the full moon], no matter how shocking or disruptive. it may make a mess, but the soup is always more flavorful after the pot stirred.


we are all here to create experiences that help us to develop and mature, but the problem is many of us resonate too strongly with the dense vibrations of the lower self. self-absorption makes impossible to radiate love, as we expect our voids to be filled in externally. validation is internal, not something we should look for in other people. if we are unhappy about the state of our relationships and the feedback we receive from others, we must keep in mind that our peers and partners are reflections of what we project onto them. by observing and learning from our emotional upsets, which takes introspective honesty, we are bound to transcend the enslavement of the ego and inspire a whole league of people in the process. oh, and let’s not forget to have fun while we’re at it.nothing breeds happiness like the joy of play. despite the overwhelming emotional amplification of opposition, the pressure of this inner confrontation we are experiencing enables us to express the brilliance of unbridled childhood creativity and channel our flamboyant feelings through a revolutionary lens that provokes a shift from personal consciousness to encompasses the cosmos in its entirety.

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