cotton & lace [#ScrambledArt]

forgive me if it seems like i’m coming apart at the seams

i’m just dressed in daydreams of a different time and space

where cotton and lace weren’t such oppressive creations

how many threads does it take to keep the fabric from breaking

when the shirt gets way too worn and the fit becomes too tight

because the friction of a growing body is an inevitable part of life

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 1.41.14 AM

fighting to exude the truth of nudity but still enrobed in the finest

is weather the only reason we’ve decided not to ditch these digs

or shall we unravel the intention behind which this cloth is stitched

what was hidden from vision is always meant to be uncovered

so let’s take off our clothes and expose our souls to one another

imagining that in our most naked state we are tailor made for each other

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