to have and to use: 9/14/14 [#MyBestWeek]


the word ‘manipulation’ has a negative connotation, but as with all things, the determining moral factor comes down to intention. as long as there is no ill motivation fueling our actions, there is nothing wrong with pulling the strings so that the puppet dances in alignment with the given choreography. in order to make this our best week, especially if the past few weeks have been less than satisfactory, we need to regain control of our itineraries. many of us have the nagging feeling that our current situations are not quite up to par, but we have the power to manipulate reality. all we have to do is transform our approach to time management.


this is not to say we should grow rigidly attached to circumstances that are out of our control, like trying to maneuver people into falling in love with us by scheduling strategically timed phone calls and planning “accidental” encounters. instead of obsessing over futile desires that interfere with the free will of others and go against the laws of nature, we would be better off by exercising self-control. by challenging ourselves to operate within a disciplined system, our progress is more easily tracked and results are more readily realized. sometimes it takes a steadfast commitment to structure to liberate the potential that lies latent within us.

skeptical? starting today, let’s order our steps with to-do lists starting with the highest priority, and see how much more productive we feel based on how much we accomplish when all is said and done. by clearly declaring our goals at sunrise (or whenever we feel it is optimal for us to wake up, to each his own right?), we will be able to stay focused throughout the day on what needs to be done until we have finally checked off every last bullet point. there is no need to break our necks with the stuff that can wait as long as we can recognize urgency when it emerges. “first things first” is one of the 7 habits of highly effective people.


we must be single-minded so that we can tackle our objectives one by one in order of importance. if at any point we are unsure of where to begin, we have to assess the areas of our lives that trigger feelings of negativity, because these are the areas where we are not living up to our highest potential. it is detrimental, cowardly even, to shrink away from the attainment of our wishes just because we think true fulfillment is out of our grasp or that we are not good enough. how can we move forward toward our ideal existence if we can are paralyzed by fear, doubt, and second thoughts? our minds are beginning to shift as the limits of our conditioning are lifted by the relentless determination of free will. from this moment on, as long as we maximize our personal relationship with the concept of time and remain honest in regards to our ambitions, the definition of “possible” will start to encompass way more than we possibly fathom.

this is a personal process, one that requires us to challenge ourselves and become so engulfed in the refinement of our own excellence that we may be considered self-centered. that, however, does not mean that other people will not notice quality when they see it. the more we grind and grow more organized, the more we will exude capability, and the energy we radiate will act as a magnet that attracts us to those in positions of power. even when there is no apparent audience, we must always be at our best, as we never know when there is a superiors and authority figure lying low in the shadows, using the cloak of obscurity to scout talent in its most candid form.


once we are initiate relationships with these high-placed persons and show them what we are all about, it is our responsibility to transcend impersonal connections by employing intimacy at the appropriate moments. when we establish unique, unbreakable bonds, we go from helpful to irreplaceable, and our advancement is effortless. having resources is one thing, but knowing how to use them is money. that’s the art of manipulation.

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