monthly4cast: october ’14 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Happy October. I’m sure you are wondering what this month has in store for us. Luckily, there is a way to divine what exactly is going on. I have consulted the cards about the energy of this upcoming month and here is what they have to say…


“The Open Door”

it’s amazing to acknowledge the influence you have on the current events of your life. it is more apparent than ever that you have manifested your reality based on your innermost fixations. all the nouns (the people, places, and things) surrounding you at this moment are reflections of whatever energy is brewing within and emanating without you, so the honest observation of your environment could clue you into an introspectively profound revelation. your consciousness as you know it is being stirred and little bits of debris, which were previously unseen, are now floating to the surface to provide us with mysterious insights. recognize projection, crack the code, and reprogram your own mind so that every mirror reflects you at your fairest.

relative harmony in partnerships could entice you to be more intimate with others. sharing yourself so openly is an easy way to establish more spiritually fulfilling connections while simultaneously working through karmic issues that can only be resolved in the context of a relationship. oddly enough, interpersonal proximity could be the key to your own individual revolution.

“Lovers, Friends, & Family”

unusual encounters are attracted by the subconscious mind, including the predominant thoughts, images, and feelings that you have running on a loop. sometimes all it takes is an outside influence to shock you out of the “rinse/repeat” broken record that plays like second nature. people watching can be fascinating, especially with all the characters you are coming across, as you see yourself in the behaviors and impulses of the people around you. whether they are complete strangers who seem like they have been strategically placed by the universe into our lives or old acquaintances who we thought had vanished into thin air, the social scene is a source of electrifying excitement and life at home isn’t too boring either.

someone could appear out of nowhere who elicits a “where have you been my whole life” seal of approval, but just as easily as they came they could go, so practice psychological/emotional detachment to balance the potentially overwhelming magnetism. these fresh faces may be fun, but there is a chance you like the emotional distraction more than the interaction itself. the closeness that admiration can cause is nice, but why force it? imagine how alienated and enraged you would feel if your favorite flower died in the grasp of your hand. there is a fine line between enjoying the moment and killing it with your attachment issues.


On The Job”

a new coworker or business partner could totally reinvigorate your approach to work and incite a cathartic collaboration. you could profit from someone who believes in your abilities, or perhaps an investment in another person’s talent could pay off. maybe you are inspired to heights of productivity by an increasingly seductive rapport with someone you met on the job. either way, the daily routine as you have come to know it is up for erosion. everything you are working on is more malleable than it once was, which enables you to fulfill your personal objectives with finesse and still accommodate the needs of other people. you hardly have to push to breakthrough the stagnant rut you have been stuck in. for those of you who have been feeling good on the other hand, consider this a chance to further enhance your living conditions.

effortlessly you rise to a higher position of power and popularity within your organizations, but this does not come without the occasional surprise (although they are likely to be pleasant). as unexpected as it may be, we cannot enjoy the blessing if we don’t indulge a bit in the lesson. learn to appreciate the inevitable disruption of your expectations, as there is no innovation without experimentation. all it takes is an elevation of awareness to change your perspective and (on a more universal scale) change the world through the relentless improvement of your professional endeavors.

“An Apple A Day”

all the interpersonal excitement you are experiencing could be the source of anxiety, stress, and/or worry. for the sake of level-headedness and overall wellbeing, you have to make time each day to find your center and stay there for as long as it takes you to replenish your power. sure you may have mastered an off-putting poker face, but the perversely obsessive undercurrents that are pulsing through the abyss of your shadow side are likely to drive you to the point of exhaustion if you do not make the deliberate decision to schedule moments of relaxation and find sustainable ways to release. speaking of release, any digestive issues you have been experiencing are likely to be alleviated if your food combinations are arranged with digestion in mind. eliminate anything that will leave you backed up.

just as much as you require breaks from actual people and toxic food, you need periods of absence from technology and other artificial sources of stimulation. filling a hole of any sort is an indication of internal emptiness caused by a wound left unmended. pinpoint your triggers and self-destructive coping mechanisms, substitute them with healthy alternatives, and encourage your process with empowering affirmations that motivate your personal evolution.


do: cherish feelings of ecstasy and remember that you can always recreate that state…
don’t: erupt with resentment when the day doesn’t go as desired…
remember: aspirational obsession is fine, but everything on its on time. take it slow. breathe…

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