ugly situations/beautiful solutions: aries full moon/lunar eclipse 2014 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Full Moon in Aries
October 8, 2014
06:51 AM EST

during libra season, when the sun is transiting the sign of the scales, we are fueled by collaboration. the easiest, most desirable way to shine is when working in unison with someone who is deemed equal, such as a friend, a lover, or a business associate. when the comfort-seeking moon inevitably transits libra’s opposite sign, aries, it becomes a bit of an emotional challenge to honor impulsive individuality without breaking a social rule or two, as the ego at its core is often more primitive and impatient than refined…

projection:i’m a good person who is offended that my charming grace is neither appreciated nor reciprocated. i’d rather go solo than have to deal with the nastiness and strife that is incited, but i can’t just give up like that. if only i could convey to them how unfairly they treat me, i know they would finally hold me in the high esteem i deserve.

swami says:

– relationships serve to mirror your internal state back to you objectively, but lately what you see triggers an irrationally violent response…

– there is a difference between a healthy partnership and codependency, and a fragile identity/ego will eventually alienate others…

– although both parties are supposed to bring something to the table, some unions are more one-sided than mutual…


as luna in all her mysteriousness is illuminated to capacity by the relentlessly bright solar output, terrestrial relationship dynamics are likely to shed light on internal issues that were previously obscured by suppressive darkness, so feelings are heightened and sometimes overwhelming in this emotionally tender state. this is the struggle of the full moon

reflection: “even though i get aggravated with others, i try my hardest to be the good guy as to avoid the frustration of disagreement. no matter how nice i am, i still attract such harshness from the people around me and i’m losing my patience trying to pacify their tempers. why can’t others just suck it up and be as peaceful as me?”

swami says:

– are you compromising your own aggressive impulses for the sake of popularity and/or approval, and if so, what are the results?

– in what ways do you experience, process, and express anger differently than others, and has this been previously communicated?

– is it possible that some of your subconscious habits, such as self-indulgence or indecision, may bother other people even when you think you’re being nice?


as you reflect on those questions, you can use the astrological symbolism of this monthly cosmic occurrence to navigate the full moon’s opposition without being pushed and pulled to the point of lunacy. getting to know the energy means aspiring to embody its best qualities and highest potential…

expression: “my goal is to resolve conflicts considerately by asserting my personal needs with interpersonal awareness. the boosted sensitivity of this approach will increase the probability of an amicable reception, although i value all reactions for what they’re worth. regardless of the responses i elicit, i am initiating the unconditional relief of personal release.”

swami says:

– be actively interested in your companions, what they like and don’t like, as this information can help you to coexist in relative harmony…

– unless the partnership is unworthy of preservation, share your feelings openly, in a diplomatic manner, and maybe they will actually be dignified 

– demonstrate justice in every assertion of self, relinquish your attachment to other people’s reactions, and grant yourself permission to severe ties if need be…


you have the strength to detach and find smart solutions to existing problems with the moon conjunct progressive uranus, although the problem may initially be startling or even disturbing when observed within the clarity of this brilliant event. easy lunar aspects to warrior mars and enlightened jupiter encourage you to focus on your own personal growth and expansion so that your presence is more beneficial than draining. harmonious moon/mars/jupiter aspects also help you envision favorable outcomes to any battle that you are forced to face, especially if you use the diplomatic moon/venus opposition to seek out peace treaties and other opportunities that foster the accommodation of differences. as temporarily relieving as it is in the moment to avoid conflict, the moon’s square aspect to powerful pluto compels us to expose these discrepancies as they arise so that they can be resolved before they erupt with the insidiousness of repressed resentment. to raise the stakes, this full moon is also a transformative total lunar eclipse.


this full moon is all about finding the most beautiful solution to an otherwise ugly situation. remember, the best way to cure disease is to embrace the spectacular elimination of that which is pent up. what will you release?

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