shady intentions 4 new moon: scorpio 2014 [#StarsAndSymbols]

new moons are best utilized when you set intentions to initiate a fresh phase of existence that relates to the theme of the new moon’s sign. to read my interpretation of this new moon/solar eclipse in scorpio, click here. once you are all caught up, continue below to see an example of an intention setting exercise that i believe to be an appropriate fit for this lunar energy, free of charge… 🙂


if someone were to invest a million dollars in the development of your special talents, which of your gifts would prove most profitable? pick 4 of your most valuable assets, no matter how abstract or mundane they may seem to you, and list them in descending order [4 to 1] according to their worth [1, of course, being the most lucrative and highest priority].

if you want to be ready to meet the moment when this hypothetical investor appears [hey… if you believe, you will receive], you must be relentless in honing your craft. time can be allotted every day to spit-shining your most coveted treasure. daily practice is the key to being disciplined.


daily exercise: dedicate fifteen minutes to number 4, thirty minutes to number 3, forty-five minutes to number 2, and one hour to number 1 [aka your safest bet/moneymaker].

if you’re writer for example, dedicate at least fifteen minutes of your time to the act of writing, whether it’s the second chapter of the final draft, an emotionally drenched free-write, or a simple little poem. easy enough, right?

ps: new moon intentions are best articulated a few hours or even a couple days after the new moon is astronomically exact. this one is exact at 5:57 PM EST on October 23, 2014. 

happy new moon/solar eclipse to all you. thank you for your participation. i appreciate everything.

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