occult crystallization: taurus full moon [#StarsAndSymbols]

Full Moon in Taurus
November 6, 2014
5:23 PM EST

in scorpio season, when the transits the sign of the scorpion, our desire to transcend the ego is the source of all life force. our consciousness, albeit heavily influenced by subconscious compulsions, is inexplicably drawn to potentially life-changing encounters, as the world appears to revolve around the synthesis of the most irreversibly intimate, evolution-inducing bonds. when the security-oriented moon is in scorpio’s opposite sign taurus, the sign of earthbound stability, we may feel challenged in the midst of all the mania to stay still and enjoy the scenery, or at least to ground our awareness of all things profound in the realm of physical matter.

projection: “i keep telling my loved ones to change their ways before they waste their resources, but i am met with such resistance. it’s like they don’t even value my concern or the depth of my insights. all i want to is bring out the best in them, but they are so unappreciative.”

swami says:

– good intentions don’t guarantee that your manipulation and control issues will be well-received…

  imagine if someone held you hostage on a mile high helicopter and tried to force you to jump just because they thought skydiving would “bring out the best” in you…

  instead of resorting to coercion, focus your passion on materializing tangible results of your own, so that the profundity of your progress may inspire those who are ready to revamp themselves… lead by example or get out of the way

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monthly4cast: november ’14 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Happy November. I’m sure you are wondering what this month has in store for us. Luckily, there is a way to divine what exactly is going on. I have consulted the cards about the energy of this upcoming month and here is what they have to say…


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