monthly4cast: november ’14 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Happy November. I’m sure you are wondering what this month has in store for us. Luckily, there is a way to divine what exactly is going on. I have consulted the cards about the energy of this upcoming month and here is what they have to say…


“the open door”

have you ever dreamt of someone you hadn’t seen in years only to run into them a few days later? what we see in our dreams has an uncanny connection to what plays out in the “real world”, and this connection has recently been affirmed by strange coincidences. you are inspired this month to use the illusory realm to your advantage by enhancing your visualizations with specificity and descriptive precision. if you know what you want, but you never seem to get it, you have the ability now to enhance your reality by adopting a more structured approach to imagination. you are learning to access your inner child who you have been taught to suppress. just like the little girl who animates her dolls by envisioning their world in vivid detail, you must develop a more thorough approach to fantasy. emphasize and concentrate on your ideals so that your unconscious mind reprograms itself to generate images that align with your innermost longing of your higher self. this is the month to materialize the life of your dreams.

“Lovers, Friends, & Family”

speaking of fantasy, there is an air of magic seems to surround you right now, evidenced by the fact that a flock of admirers has appeared out of thin air, willing to risk their cool to bask in the radiant warmth that is emanating from within you. your social life is more glossy than usual due to the glamour that seems to permeate your aura. you could be invited to the most elite parties at the most posh locations just by being at the right place at the right time with the right disposition. there’s nothing wrong with feeling like a celebrity, but if you let your head grow too big, you risk the fate of the an overzealously inflated balloon. beware of losing yourself trying to play up people’s ideas of you. you may promise the shirt off your back in the heat of applause, but you may get cold feet when you are confronted with the frost bite of an early winter.

what may seem like unconditional praise in the moment could very well turn to disappointment if you don’t live up to the hype that your grandiose persona has elicited. to avoid mutual disillusionment, learn to balance your capacity for enchantment with your the truth of your capabilities. on a more reassuring note, this is a favorable time to heal any relationship that has suffered the disconnect of an unresolved disagreement. it may be awkward at first, but if you communicate honestly, listen compassionately, and consciously restore the joyful bond that brought you together in the first place, the foundation of your union will be strengthened and you might just grow even closer than you were before.


“on the job”

as inclined as you may be to let the good times roll, there are responsibilities to take care of and decisions that need to be made in regards to your career. you can either continue down the same old familiar road and pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity, or you can travel down a more foreign path that will completely change your life. taking risks is more rewarding than playing it safe, but if you are up for the gamble, don’t expect it to be easy or even comfortable. if you have grown complacent with your nine to five, it may be time for you to reconsider your definition of the word “work” by discerning the occupation or pastime that inspires the most effortless sense of inner fulfillment.  “it’s only work if you’re not having a good time.” is a quote that comes to mind.

if you are satisfied with your current position, you may be required in the next few weeks to increase your workload, maybe due to the fact that your coworkers are too busy doing other things… like having partying. it may seem like you’re being burdened while others are out enjoying themselves, but excellence in the workplace will not go unnoticed by superiors, and it is likely that you will be recognized for picking up the slack. don’t be surprised if you’re offered some sort of promotion that brings you more money, an impressive title, and the authority to call the shots in exchange for a job description that actually matches the amount of work you’ve been doing. you may be taking on more than your fair share of work, but trust in the process and know that you growing more refined with each new assignment. after all, it takes a certain degree of mastery to derive reverence from the fleeting approval of popularity

“an apple a day”

your overwhelming sense of duty could cause you bring you more stress than you anticipate. regardless of how well you manage to stay on top of things, it is all to easy to worry about what could suddenly go wrong, aka stuff that is beyond your control. despite your sunny demeanor, depressive thoughts from the depths of your mind can rise to the surface and taint your outlook. unless you want to fall victim to a nervous breakdown, you might want to take a personal day or two. you can’t honestly expect to be at your best when you are being drained by your obligations, so sneak away for spa day or schedule regular yoga classes. when you take moments of rest from your hectic agenda, your mind, body, and soul will be purified. as your vitality is rejuvenated, so you will be be able to once again yield the high quality results that people have come to expect from you. if you are unsure whether or not you are being overworked, look no further than the apathy, indigestion, stiff joints, inexplicably sore thighs/legs, or unbearably swollen feet that may be plaguing you this month. these symptoms are your body telling you to relax.


do: delineate your dreams to make them for work for you
don’t: make promises if you can’t or don’t intend to follow through
remember: when you are clear about who you are in the midst of external influence, the only thing to worry about is doing your personal best, no more and no less

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