occult crystallization: taurus full moon [#StarsAndSymbols]

Full Moon in Taurus
November 6, 2014
5:23 PM EST

in scorpio season, when the transits the sign of the scorpion, our desire to transcend the ego is the source of all life force. our consciousness, albeit heavily influenced by subconscious compulsions, is inexplicably drawn to potentially life-changing encounters, as the world appears to revolve around the synthesis of the most irreversibly intimate, evolution-inducing bonds. when the security-oriented moon is in scorpio’s opposite sign taurus, the sign of earthbound stability, we may feel challenged in the midst of all the mania to stay still and enjoy the scenery, or at least to ground our awareness of all things profound in the realm of physical matter.

projection: “i keep telling my loved ones to change their ways before they waste their resources, but i am met with such resistance. it’s like they don’t even value my concern or the depth of my insights. all i want to is bring out the best in them, but they are so unappreciative.”

swami says:

– good intentions don’t guarantee that your manipulation and control issues will be well-received…

  imagine if someone held you hostage on a mile high helicopter and tried to force you to jump just because they thought skydiving would “bring out the best” in you…

  instead of resorting to coercion, focus your passion on materializing tangible results of your own, so that the profundity of your progress may inspire those who are ready to revamp themselves… lead by example or get out of the way

as luna in all her mysteriousness is illuminated to capacity by the relentlessly bright solar output, terrestrial relationship dynamics are likely to shed light on internal issues that were previously obscured by suppressive darkness, so feelings are heightened and sometimes overwhelming in this emotionally tender state. this is the struggle of the full moon

reflection:i try to share the hidden treasures i have uncovered, but it seems like nobody cares. i see boundless potential in other people that i would love to evoke if only they weren’t so stubbornly afraid of the possibilities i could provide. i am tempted to cut them off and be with someone who is willing to face the unknown.

swami says:

  is your sense of personal power reliant on the impact you have on other people?

– could your desire to trigger transformation in others be rooted in self-satisfaction rather than selfless love?

  are there any red flags that would convince you to avoid your own advice if you were on the outside looking in?

as you reflect on those questions, you can use the astrological symbolism of this monthly cosmic occurrence to navigate the full moon’s opposition without being pushed and pulled to the point of lunacy. getting to know the energy means aspiring to embody its best qualities and highest potential…

expression: “my goal is to embody the same metamorphosis i wish to incite in others. i will use my infallible intuition to determine the most sensible ways to yield physical results that sustain and demonstrate the value of my occult concentration. instead of pushing my agenda on others, i will stand in silent confidence, allowing my transfiguration to speak for itself and attract people who covet the alchemical secrets i have acquired.”

swami says:

– respect other people’s right to remain unaffected by you and your pervasive influence…

– accessing the ecstasy of spiritual dimensions is fine, but it’s all useless if you have nothing to show for it when you come back down to earth… 

  channel your metaphysical inclinations into a project that will tangibly commemorate the transformation you have elicited even after you’ve transitioned beyond your body – example: if you believe in the spiritual benefits of yoga, film and upload a video of you leading ten minute introductory course that you can share as you wish… 

in addition to opposing the sun, the moon is confronted by an opposition to venus [natural talent] and pallas [career excellence]. you may feel personally challenged by other people’s success and the rewards that they are reaping. conversely, this opposition bring an innate awareness of how to visualize and manifest that luxurious pleasures that we cherish the most. the moon’s tense square aspect to expansive jupiter and and committed juno suggest you be stricken with an agitating urge to explore new horizons within your intimate connections, or you could attempt to rejuvenate your unions with your philosophical advice, whether or not its warranted. you may feel emotionally stifled or smothered by the expectations of your commitments, maybe due to the fact that the belief system on which your relationships are built is conflicting with the emotional truths that are being unearthed from within your innermost hideaways. on a lighter note, this friction is the motivation you need to dissolve any agreement that no longer resonates with you as well as the buoyancy to break out of any box that holds you.

you can indeed breakthrough all types of oppression and achieve greatness with the moon’s easygoing trine to the mars/pluto conjunction that has been building. you are driven by strong, desirous [and possibly obsessive] undercurrents that compel you to relentlessly pursue the object of your affection. this aspect endows you with tremendous emotional energy, and although your reactivity may be more apparently volatile than you would prefer, you possess an endless reservoir of inner strength and the fortitude initiate regeneration after you experience disaster, both natural and artificial. mars/pluto in easy aspect to the moon gives you a subtle, yet unmistakable charisma, so you might not have to work as hard as you have been to get what you want. the immensity of your aura may repel people who are not equipped to handle you, but others will come to you like moths to a flame. with the moon’s helpful sextile to chiron, these people may come to you in hopes that your insights will fix their life, or they may present you with alternative practices that will facilitate you in your own holistic healing journey. it goes both ways.

this full moon reveals to you the importance of supplementing your psychological prowess with the stabilizing support of earthly substance. finding ways to physically express the obscurities you perceive will make you a more balanced, integrated being as well as the object of external investment. after all, only a fool would accept guidance from someone who fails to provide evidence to validate their own advice.

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