daily 4cast: 1/31/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Aquarius] trine North Node [in Libra]
Mercury [in Aquarius] opposite Juno [in Leo]
Mars [in Pisces] conjunct Chiron [in Pisces]
Ceres [in Capricorn] inconjunct Juno [in Leo]
Moon [in Cancer] opposite Ceres [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Cancer] trine Venus/Neptune [in Pisces]
Moon [in Cancer] inconjunct Mercury/Vesta [in Aquarius], Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Cancer] semi-sextile Juno [in Leo]

Verbal disagreements with significant others and close confidants emerge today and require a great deal of your personal attention. You may have to adjust your schedule to pacify a needy partner, which might mean sacrificing your own to-do list in order to make it work with the other person. On the bright side, domestic disputes help you to open your mind to the other POV and teach you to accommodate the needs of the people with whom you coexist. If the differences are irreconcilable, however, you may change your mind about the commitment altogether.

Something is likely to set you off today, which makes sense as you struggle to get what you want. Even if your aggressive impulses are justified, the way you process and express your anger could possible cause you trouble. Although you try to tame your inner animal, it may feel at times like you’re being poked right in the center of an open wound, which is apt to elicit a physical reaction. It seems like they want you to blow up, but when you do, you might just burn a bridge or melt into an over-apologetic mess, embarrassed by your apparent lack of self-control.

ANGRY BIRDS Anger Management

If you are experiencing issues regarding anger management, today might be the day to initiate your own personal healing journey by examining your wound and trying to remember how it got there in the first place. Continue reading

daily 4cast: 1/30/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Aquarius] conjunct Mercury [in Aquarius]
Venus [in Pisces] square Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Mars [in Pisces] sextile Pluto [in Capricorn]
Uranus [in Aries] trine Pallas [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Gemini] sextile Jupiter [in Leo]

anything that you communicate comes from a heartfelt place, although you may not actually end up saying that much. the thoughts are there, as well as the impulse to speak, but you are not preoccupied with articulation as much as you are the personal revelation you are experiencing. as you travel back and forth around your neighborhood and encounter various happenings, they all seem to hold relevant bits of information that pertain to you in particular. you are too busy processing these insights that putting them in words is not your biggest priority. when you do decide to deliver your message, it will not only be heard, but it will be seen.

the biggest dilemma you may have is today how much to share versus how much to conserve. it is possible that a friend of yours has clued you in to some gossip, warning you that The Others are talking, and not in a way that has your best interest at heart. pay attention to your surroundings and the people with whom you pass time. if you are forced to be around duplicitous people, it is in your urgent interest to erect boundaries so that you interact as you are required without divulging any information that could be used to stab you in the back when it comes time to walk away.


although some would love to see you fall, others are there for you to confide in and make you aware of any war that is being waged behind the scenes, which is gives you the chance to prepare a strategy against any conflict that comes your way. be aware of The Ones who act on your behalf, because the rest will sit and let you get caught off guard.

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daily 4cast: 1/29/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]


Sun [in Aquarius] trine Moon [in Gemini]
Moon [in Gemini] opposite Pallas [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Gemini] trine Mercury [in Aquarius], North Node [in Libra]
Moon [in Gemini] square Neptune/Mars/Chiron [in Pisces]
Moon [in Gemini] inconjunct Ceres/Pluto [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Gemini] sextile Uranus [in Aries], Juno [in Leo]

Without trying to are brilliantly expressive. You distinguish yourself by demonstrating how clever and perceptive you are. You have a subtle, yet refined awareness of the subconscious mind and how powerful it is, especially when programmed with specific intentions. You are sensitive to visuals and symbolism in your environment, so make sure to surround yourself with visuals that are conducive to not only your professional, but your holistic health as well. If you don’t take care of yourself at home, your issues will spill over into your career, and that is messy.


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daily 4cast: 1/28/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Mercury [in Aquarius] sextile Uranus [in Aries]
Mercury [in Aquarius] semi-sextile Mars [in Pisces]
Mars [in Pisces] square Pallas [in Sagittarius]
Mars [in Pisces] inconjunct North Node [in Libra]
Moon [in Gemini] opposite Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Gemini] trine Vesta [in Aquarius]
Moon [in Gemini] square Venus [in Pisces]

If you find yourself dropping the ball, it may be time to critically revisit your resolution. Remember, the one you made about a month ago? Yes, that one. There is no doubt that you are well on your way to reach it, but any figurative fumble you experience could be a sign to give up on your current tactic. Adjust your approach if you feel there is a better, more progressive method.

Observe the responses you receive, and if you’re not getting the desired results, learn how to improvise to make the most of every moment. If you begin the day less than gracefully, you will find your rhythm well before the sun sets.


As you alter your course, you will tune in to a different frequency, and the results may catch you off guard. A person from your past may reappear with big news. You could also be surprised by a familiar stranger who makes you wonder if you knew each other in a past life. Your social interactions are likely to breathe new life into old hot topics. It may hard to sit still with your immediate environment buzzing as it is.  This is all incredibly stimulating for you.

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daily 4cast: 1/27/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]


Sun [in Aquarius] semi-sextile Ceres [in Capricorn]
Mercury [in Aquarius] semi-sextile Pluto [in Capricorn]
Mars [in Pisces] square Pallas [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Taurus] trine Pluto [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Taurus] square Jupiter [in Leo], Mercury [in Aquarius]
Moon [in Taurus] inconjunct Pallas [in Sagittarius], North Node [in Libra]
Moon [in Taurus] sextile Mars/Chiron [in Pisces]
Venus enters Pisces

On one hand you are aim to preserve the structures from which you derive a sense of security. On the other hand, you are ready, willing, and able to tear it all down. Although some part of you is attached to the of tradition, the other part of you may be suspicious of the intent of any institution or ideology by which you have been conditioned to abide, especially if it is endorsed politically. You may be inundated by a vague, but unshakeable intuition that you are enabling injustice, which makes you angry, but also frustrated because you might not know how to fight this feeling.

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daily 4cast: 1/26/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Aquarius] square Moon [in Taurus]
Sun [in Aquarius] semi-sextile Neptune []
Moon [in Aries] sextile Venus [in Aquarius]
Moon [in Aries] square Vesta [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Taurus] inconjunct Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Taurus] sextile Neptune [in Pisces]

emergency requires a certain amount of adjustment. external circumstances are proof that, although amibition and discipline are a great combination, some things are beyond your conscious control. it is in your best interest to breathe and release.

worrying about the quality of your performance and whether or not you are qualified to be in your position makes it hard to totally be at ease, but on the plus side, you will be compelled to drive yourself to new peaks of productivity. that’s the beauty of being burdened.


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daily 4cast: 1/25/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Moon [in Aries] conjunct Uranus [in Aries]
Moon [in Aries] opposite North Node [in Libra]
Moon [in Aries] trine Pallas [in Sagittarius], Juno/Jupiter [in Leo]
Moon [in Aries] square Pluto [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Aries] sextile Mercury [in Aquarius]
Moon [in Aries] semi-sextile Mars/Chiron [In Pisces]

plan as you may, today will not go as expected. what will you do when you are forced to improvise with a moment’s notice? your only option, if you want to survive the shock, is to adapt.


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daily4cast: 1/24/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Aquarius] sextile Moon [in Aries]
Pallas [in Sagittarius] trine Juno [in Leo]
Moon [in Pisces] sextile Vesta [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Aries] semi-sextile Neptune [in Pisces]
Moon [in Aries] trine Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Aries] square Ceres [in Capricorn]


living in your head can be a brilliant existence, but if you forget to act on your ideas, you may think yourself sedentary. if you’ve been high-strung and low on “go” lately, today you will benefit from a nice boost, a pep in your step if you will. use this as an opportunity to get shit done. You’re disposition is social and you could think of a million ways to manipulate problematic circumstances so that everyone walks away a winner. people might not actively realize why, but they are drawn to you today, and you will see how much can be accomplished when you practice the craft of leveraging professional success. the mutually fulfilling connections you always wished for could come true today if you sublimate your aggressively independent impulses into the initiation of an exciting dialogue with the outside world.

We are always running for the thrill of it…

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daily4cast: 1/23/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Aquarius] sextile Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Pisces] conjunct Chiron [in Pisces]
Moon [in Pisces] square Pallas [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Pisces] sextile Pluto [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Pisces] inconjunct North Node [in Libra], Juno/Jupiter [in Leo]
Moon [in Pisces] semi-sextile Uranus [in Aries], Mercury [in Aquarius]

It’s like you have you were born to soothe everyone else’s vulnerabilities, but when it comes to your own soft spot, you can’t quite figure out how to give it an adequate amount of TLC. If you manage to come up for air and attain a moment of objectivity, you might find that you have been lost in a world of problems that are not your own, addicted to the escape of someone else’s pain.

This is not to say your intentions aren’t upright. It is possible that you are supernaturally gifted with the ability to nurse your loved ones back to health and selfless enough to be of consistent service. What happens, though, when you have healed everyone around you and you’re left stricken with disillusion, sick at the notion of dealing with your own disease?


The trick is knowing how to initiate your personal therapeutic process. If it’s obvious you can’t follow your own rules, maybe it’s in your best interest to consult some wise professional to facilitate the exposition of all that has eluded you, both the complex psychological patterns and the practical solutions that are just sensible enough to go overlooked. Continue reading