azealia banks, as a goddess: athena [#StarsAndSymbols]

amidst the more stressful astrological aspects of the day, the moon is entwined in an easy, breezy connection to pallas athene, one of the four major asteroid “goddesses”, so why not expound upon athene’s reemergence into our worldly consciousness? like many other mythical archetypes, her symbolic influence on pop culture is evidenced in magazine spreads, album art, music videos, etc. in this article, we will explore pallas athene symbolism in the context of azealia banks‘ “yung rapunxel” music video.

so the first image we see at the beginning of the video is an owl flying out of azealia’s head, specifically her third eye. last time i saw this video, i had no knowledge of the asteroid goddesses. upon revisiting this clip, the mythological symbolism of pallas athene was immediately evoked for me. pallas is one of the four major asteroid goddesses in astrology. pallas was the daughter of jupiter, the king of all gods. whereas most of us are born of a women, she sprang forth from her father’s skull, representing the emergence of a feminine wisdom through the filter of patriarchy.

azealiabanksazealia banks is making it known that although she’s in “a man’s world”, she has a grade of intelligence that is rooted in the darkest, most intuitive force in the universe. the owl, by the way, is the totem of pallas athene, as she was known to transform into this wise, nocturnal creature to disguise her true identity.

the next round of images we see are police who appear to be coming after azealia. pallas is the protectress of justice and the state. we are taught that the police are supposed to defend us, but a growing amount of people feel defenseless against what seems like blatant police brutality.


azealia here is reminiscent of pallas as warrior of the oppressed people, taking the police to task and fighting them off, fueled by the rage of unresolved injustices. pallas’ symbol was the shield, with which we defended herself and the people in battle, so azealia is making it known that she is not threatened by their authority, because she, as was pallas athene, is a political strategist.

interestingly, pallas also represents “father complexes”, so this energy can manifest as a issue with all authority figures or the subconscious compulsion to challenge men in power.

this video is packed with occult imagery. from start to finish we are bombarded with icons and symbols that impact us profoundly whether or not we realize it. from the hand of fatima to the triple moon goddess, “young rapunxel” is like #StarsAndSymbols 101 [she’s a taurus rising riding a bull!!!]. the aesthetic arrangement has moments where it flirts with grotesque, a reminder that pallas is not always “sexy”, however we expect “sexy” to be, and will readily sacrifice sexuality to be professionally effective.


pallas explores androgyny and strives to balance masculine and feminine polarity in order to optimize her powers. the most magical aspect of pallas is her ability to create a particular arrangement of thoughts, affirmations, visualizations, meditations in order to manifest her own reality. she sees patterns, breaks down plans, and uses the healing arts to uplift her people.

i wanna get free…

Regardless of what the future holds for Azealia Banks, it’s no secret that she has some tricks up her sleeve. Unlike many of her vapid contemporaries, Miss Banks has a plan and it is obvious that she will continue to instigate the social commentary necessary to galvanize change through the medium of her ever-exciting art. If you haven’t already, you can purchase her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, on iTunes.

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